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DYING 1983

Suggested Retail Price : $298
Current Price : $298 HKD[Free Local Delivery]
Status: Available
Barcode: 4580694042310

Publisher : Game Source Entertainment
Developer : NECKOM Entertainment
Genre : PZG
Player (Online): N/A
Player (Offline): 1
Subtitles : 繁體中文/簡體中文/日本語/English
Voice : 日本語
Rating : 18+

Release date: 2999-12-31

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In 1983, Kenji Kamiki, a young doctor known as a "genius surgeon," received an invitation letter. The letter wrote that this is an amazingly generous reward and epoch-making research that will change human medicine. Kamiki was very interested in this, so even though he didn't know the content of the work at all, he went to an abandoned factory that was said to have a research institute. But no one was waiting for him there. The facility looks very peaceful at first glance, but it always feels strange. What happened here? In the process of his exploration, a sexy and mysterious fish-head woman in a long gown suddenly appeared, followed by a series of mysterious phenomena... Can you solve countless mysteries, from imminent death Threat escaped and find out the truth at the same time?

Game Features

・Death threats - Deadly traps and cunning enemies always threaten the life of the protagonist.
・Sense deprivation - Part of the protagonist’s senses will be deprived or strengthened in some circumstances. Using the enhanced senses, players can discover many hidden secrets.
・Escape from a confined room - Escape the fear of attack and the room where the enemy is.
・Discover the truth - There are many props and hints are available in the game. By using them to solve the mystery, the hidden truth will be revealed.
・Search and investigation - You can collect various files, tapes, videos, etc. in the game. By viewing them, you can get hints and story information for solving puzzles.
・Collect and solve mysteries - There are hundreds of items to collect and solve mysteries, each with its own unique function. Use them flexibly to enjoy an ample and interesting puzzle-solving experience!
・High-speed loading - "DYING: 1983" is different from the previous stage system in that it always uses a map that incorporates the search elements of the Metroidvania. The ultra-high-speed SSD performance of the PS5 itself can provide players with rich scene content in time.
・Adaptive trigger - The adaptive trigger brings a more immersive interactive experience. The various items collected by the player in the process of exploring the mystery have different triggering feelings. Through the DualSense™️ wireless controller, you can feel the energy of the space infinitely, and you can have a more realistic interactive experience.
・Haptic feedback - Each weapon and item have its own unique feedback, allowing players to experience obvious changes in all aspects while exploring a series of scenarios. Many puzzle functions also require a structure that incorporates haptic feedback.  

Concentrate the nerves of the whole body, play "DYING: 1983" and experience the thrilling events of more than 30 years ago.

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