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PlayStation OLP

Suggested Retail Price : $728
Current Price : $728 HKD
Status: Sold Out
Barcode: 6972561616881
Suggested Retail Price : $298
Current Price : $298 HKD
Status: Sold Out
Barcode: 6972561616904
Suggested Retail Price : $298
Current Price : $298 HKD
Status: Sold Out
Barcode: 6972561616898

Publisher : Game Source Entertainment
Developer : Fanthful
Genre : ETC
Player (Online): N/A
Player (Offline): N/A
Subtitles : 簡體中文/English
Voice : 中文
Rating : 0+

Release date: 2023-06-30

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The latest PlayStation peripheral series includes three items themed on outdoor and indoor activities. The gamepad buttons - △○×□ - which are the most familiar visual elements for players, have been chosen as the design. These items include a foldable chair, a portable picnic mat, and a multifunctional folding cushion. These peripherals are not only ideal props for outdoor activities but can also be used to decorate your house. Everything is up to you!

PlayStation-themed Portable Folding Chair
The three-dimensional design of the △○×□ symbol is vividly displayed on the black chair surface, adding a dynamic and lively touch to the chair, whether for outdoor leisure or home use. The chair has an outer pocket for storage, making it easy and convenient to carry around.

Oxford cloth is used which makes it easy to clean and resistant to abrasion. The black masterbatch material provides excellent load-bearing capacity.

Chair body: Oxford cloth + black masterbatch material (Oxford cloth outer bag)

Size: 45*45*66cm
Price: HKD 298


PlayStation-themed Portable Picnic Mat
The picnic mat features various colors and △○×□ icons, which seem to leap out of the black screen powerfully! Lay out this picnic mat while enjoying outdoor activities with family and friends to enjoy the precious time.

The Oxford cloth surface is easy to clean, and the mat's bottom is equipped with PE aluminum film for moisture resistance and comfort. The mat can be folded and convenient to carry around.

Material: Oxford cloth, cotton, PE aluminum film

Size: Unfolded about 200*145cm, folded about 322*5*15cm
Price: HKD 298



PlayStation-themed Multifunctional Folding Cushion
The simple △○×□ symbols on the light blue cushion exudes childlike charm, resembling graffiti, with blue and white interplay.

Whether lying flat or sitting upright, you can adjust the cushion's two states at will through Velcro connections to meet different daily needs.

Material: Polyester fabric; fiber filling is pearl cotton (polyester fiber)

Size: about 80*90cm
Price: HKD 728


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