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World War Z

Suggested Retail Price : $0
Current Price : $298 HKD
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Barcode: 0710535418804
Suggested Retail Price : $0
Current Price : $298 HKD
Status: Sold Out
Barcode: 0710535418811

Publisher : Mad Dog Games
Developer : Saber Interactive
Genre : FPS
Player (Online): 4+
Player (Offline): 1
Subtitles : 繁體中文
Voice : English
Rating : null

Release date: 2019-04-16

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The thrilling sea of ​​zombies -World War Z- will be released simultaneously in Traditional Chinese

The long-awaited "World War Z" (Traditional Chinese version) Asian version, this game was launched on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms on April 16, 2019. It needs to face other players and a large group in the game. The challenge of bloodthirsty zombies, who is the last survivor?

Saber Interactive recently released the latest trailer for the "World War Z" game, in which the rhythm and excitement of the "Multiplayer vs. Zombies vs Players vs Players vs Zombies (PvPvZ)" model is inspired by Ramon Films' "The Battle of Doomsday" starring "Brad Pitt" in 2013.

This game, which is highly anticipated by players, is mainly composed of four people fighting against the fierce zombie group. PvPvZ provides a new and unique gameplay with rich competition mode, allowing players to challenge in 4V4 combat mode. Who can be the winner of survival between life and death.

The biggest difference between PvPvZ and other multiplayer games in "The Battle of Doomsday" is the zombie frenzy, which destroys the venue throughout the game, forcing players to fight against zombies in battles, making the battle situation change rapidly. The Battle of Doomsday will launch the following multiplayer game mode:

• Scavenger looting mode: Players compete for resources on the map to win

• Vaccine competition mode: Players must acquire and guard against winning points for the team.

• The sudden death mode: The two teams struggled to survive in the fierce battle.

• The cadre rule mode: earn points in the capture zone to win the team.

• King of the Hill mode: Capture a hill and then control it to gain victory points.

The dynamic Swarm EngineTM engine designed by Saber makes the "World War Z" game scene spread all over the world, including New York, Moscow, Jerusalem, etc. Through teamwork, it can fight with up to three friends and challenge thousands of people together. The mad mad corpse, if you slow down a little, you are swallowed by bloodthirsty zombies. In order to survive, there are six types of deadly weapons and a large number of explosives, turrets and traps that players can use to deal with the threat of immortal zombies.

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