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My Time at Sandrock

Suggested Retail Price : $238
Current Price : $238 HKD
Status: Available
Barcode: 4580694044192
Suggested Retail Price : $238
Current Price : $238 HKD
Status: Available
Barcode: 4580694044239
Suggested Retail Price : $238
Current Price : $238 HKD
Status: Available
Barcode: 4580694044185
Suggested Retail Price : $238
Current Price : $238 HKD
Status: Available
Barcode: 4580694044222

Publisher : Game Source Entertainment
Developer : Pathea Games
Genre : ARPG
Player (Online): N/A
Player (Offline): 1
Subtitles : 繁體中文/簡體中文/日本語/English/한글
Voice : 中文/English
Rating : 12+

Release date: 2023-12-06

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Game Introduction:

Welcome New Builders to Sandrock, Embark Adventure through the Desert Wilderness!
300 years ago, an unprecedented disaster devastated human civilization, plunging the entire world into darkness. However, the spark of civilization did not extinguish, and today, humanity has gradually built its new home on the ruins. Diligent explorers have established a small town next to the Eufaula Desert, and named it "Sandrock", where the story of "My Time at Sandrock" begins.

Game Key features
Build your own workshop, decorate homestead, or even grow crops!
Once you're familiar with the workshop's operations, let’s start  taking orders from the residents and set your machines in motion to produce essential goods for everyone. As the game progresses, you are able to unlock more blueprints, allowing you to craft huge machines, buildings and water tanks!

You can also experience the farming mechanic, turning the barren desert into fertile land! You can build fences to raise animals and become an outstanding rancher! The whole house expansion system will help to create a unique and personalised homestead too!

Freedom to develop your own career and explore the world!
As a new workshop owner in Sandrock, you can choose your career path based on preferences! For those who enjoy social interactions, you can be friends with the townsfolk, and become a Socialite. You can also stay in the workshop to hone crafting skills and become a Craft Master. If you are seeking a pastoral way of life, you can live in the countryside to explore farming knowledge. Explore exotic creatures and desert mounts from vibrant towns to mysterious deserts!

Enjoy the leisurely life and build relationships with special ones!
After fulfilling the orders, it's time to enjoy your private time! The town is home to nearly 40 residents. As the story progresses and depending on your contribution to Sandrock, more residents will join this big family. Chat with these adorable NPCs, feel free to exchange gifts, build friendships and get to know their background stories . You can even develop a romantic relationship with one of them!

New Combat system! Ready to delve into the most dangerous ruin?
After spending a long time in the workshop, don't neglect your combat skills. Equip yourself and explore the ruins buried beneath the desert to uncover the history of Sandrock! Use pickaxe to search for raw materials hidden beneath rock and sand, investigate the technology left behind from ancient times. When you venture into dangerous ruins inhabited by monsters, don’t forget to utilise the new ARPG-style combat system to start the battles! 

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