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Psikyo Collection Vol.3

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Barcode: 8809560330532
Suggested Retail Price : $0
Current Price : $498 HKD
Status: Sold Out
Barcode: 8809560330532

Publisher : Arc System Works
Developer : Zerodiv Inc
Genre : STG
Player (Online): N/A
Player (Offline): 2-4
Subtitles : 繁體中文/日本語
Voice : English
Rating : null

Release date: 2019-05-30

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"Psikyo Collection Vol.3" Game Introduction

Like the previous "Psikyo Collection" series, "Psikyo Collection Vol.3" is also complete with the Nintendo Switch's portable mode, desktop mode and TV mode. "STRIKERS 1945 III" and "Zero Gunner 2-" can play 2 players with two Joy-con. In addition, all works with storylines will correspond to localization in Chinese.


"STRIKERS 1945 III" is the third generation of the authentic shooting game "STRIKERS 1945" series, a vertical reel shooting game released in 1999. Launched in Japan under the name "STRIKERS 1999". Storyline description In 1999, the enemy "Nano Machine" came from the universe, and players must defeat enemy fighters in order to save the world. "STRIKERS 1945 III" was first ported to a home console, and was first sold in Asia in the world through "Cai Jing Featured Vol.3".

"Sengoku Cannon"

"Warring States CANNON" is a PSP-specific side-scrolling shooting game produced in 2005. It inherits the Warring States Period from the "Sengoku ACE" and "Cai Jing Selected Vol.2" included in "Cai Jing Selected Vol.1". The last work. In order to find a princess who suddenly disappears, the player can choose a character from a personalized character made by a Japanese culture theme such as a ninja, a witch, a warrior, etc. to enjoy the game. The combination of the 2D bitmap's operational characters and the 3D background allows for a more compact shooting pleasure.



"GUNBARICH" is a game produced in 2001, and is also a derivative of the series "GUNBIRD" in the "Psikyo Collection" series. You can enjoy both the brick-breaking and shooting styles with unique gameplay. Choose a character from MARION and the original character GRUTAN that appear in Armed Birds to complete the level.


"Zero Gunner 2"

"Zero Gunner 2" is a vertical reel shooting game based on the "Zero Gunner 2" released in 2001. The story describes the company's "Zero Gunner System" that transplants the pilot's brain to the helicopter in an attempt to conquer the world. Players must defeat the enemy in order to save the world. It adopts a unique shooting system in which the enemy will attack from the front, back, left and right of the screen and attack in all directions.

© Psikyo Produced by Zerodiv Inc. Published by ARC SYSTEM WORKS

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