Unleash the Power of the Whiskers and Defend the Homeland Against Evil! RTS Tower Defense Match-3 Game“Cats on Duty”Confirmed to release Asia edition on Nintendo Switch™️, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 in 2024!

Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is very excited to announce that the game "Cats on Duty", developed by indie game developer Prikol Team, which combines the purr-fectly hilarious and action-packed ultimate blend of real-time strategy, tower defense, and match-3 mechanics, will be released in 2024 in Asia edition. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch™️, PlayStation®4, and PlayStation®5. Manage two game fields at once as well as arm and upgrade your cat towers to defeat hordes of formidable foes. Enjoy the meow-nificent battle!

"Cats on Duty" Announcement PV:

Welcome to Cats on Duty, the purr-fectly hilarious and action-packed ultimate blend of real-time strategy, tower defense, and match-3 mechanics, where heavily armed battle-hardened cat veterans of rodent skirmishes and yarn tangles take charge in defending their homeland (and litter boxes) against the forces of great evil! Utilize a multitude of cat varieties to engage in combat against 50 types of fiendish creatures. 

Unleash the power of the whiskers and drive those zombies back to the depths of the underworld!

Tactical Tower Defense: 
Defend your territory with a brutal arsenal of weaponry. From powerful rifles that reach the enemy at a distance to death-defying ninjas with blades sharper than any groomer's scissors, strategically place your feline soldiers to ensure victory on the battlefield.

Match-3 Mayhem: 
It's not just tower defense; it's tower defense with a twist of addictive match-3 gameplay! Connect gems on the resource field to receive currency and purchase cat towers. Swap and combine cats on the battlefield to create upgraded towers and unleash devastating attacks. Inspired by Plants vs Zombies and Tower Swap, Cats on Duty takes the best of the genre and enhances it with captivating match-3 mechanics.

Unleash the Cattitude: 
Prepare for epic cat fights, playful antics, and adorable meows as your feline warriors show off their unique personalities and unleash their special abilities. Brace yourself for a blend of sass and strategy that will keep you entertained throughout the battles.


Product Information

Title:Cats on Duty
Developer: Prikol Team
Asia and Japan Publisher: Game Source Entertainment
Genre: RTS Tower Defense Match-3 Game
Platform: Nintendo Switch™/PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4
Game Release Date:2024
Suggested Game Retail Price:TBC
Subtitle:EFIGS, PT (BR), TC , SC, KOR, PO, RU, JP
Copyright:©2024 ESDigital Games Ltd. All rights reserved. Licensed to and Published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and Asia. 

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Cats On Duty
Release date: 2024-12-31
Platforms: PlayStation® 4 / Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation® 5
Type: ETC
Language: 繁體中文/簡體中文/日本語/English/한글
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