Available now on Steam, and will be launching on Nintendo Switch™ within 2024 BL Dating Sim Game "Voice Love on Air" Introduction to the Main Characters!

[Hong Kong, 2 May 2024] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is delighted to announce the BL Dating Sim Game Voice Love On Air which centred on voice recording sessions for Radio Dramas, developed by SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT and globally distributed by GSE, is now available for download and play on the STEAM. It is also scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch™ in 2024. Today, we will introduce the main characters and romanceable roles. Let’s find true love in the voice love on air!

Aki (CV:SawaManaka)
“I want to become...a voice director.”


Aki has the special ability to perceive the speaker's true emotions through voice, to see through all lies and hypocrisy.
During the BL Drama recording, Aki faced various problems with the voice actors.
With the interaction and guidance from the actors, he gradually untied his knots and look inside his heart.

Wesley (CV:HiiragiSanta)
“Are you ready to devote yourself fully?”


The cool and serious Mr. Perfect with rich dubbing experience and a handsome appearance.
However, due to his rigid performance, Wesley's career got into a choke point. By working with Aki, he could finally release the wildness in his heart and broke through his own boundaries.
During this process, Wesley and Aki found that they are the pathfinders of each other.

Ryousei (CV:AoumeYukke)
“You told me to think of someone. Can that person be you? ”


Tall and strong, not good at words.
At first glance, Ryousei looks like a badass who is not easy to mess with. But instead, he is a very gentle brother who raises his younger sister alone.
Because of his unique voice, he was invited to become a voice actor when delivering food.
Hearing Aki's voice through the earphones made Ryousei feel calm. Aki was also healed by Ryousei's silent tenderness.

Junichi (CV:Naoto†Sankucyuari)
"You'd better guide me well! Voice Director!"


Used to be an idol trainee, Junichi is lively, energetic, confident and arrogant. He doesn't want people to know that he was a country mouse.
Knowing his favorite BL novel will be voiced, Junichi participated in the audition of Aki's Studio and then stepped into the world of voice actors.
By working with Aki, he learned how to face his true self.
Facing the voice of doubt from outside world, Junichi told the public about his love for Aki.

Yuki (CV:RokudouHajime)
"What I DIDN’T like was that you didn’t come to me FIRST."


Yuuki looks sunny, warm and carefree. Meanwhile, he is also good at making delicate sugar crafts.
Yuuki was a voice actor but quit the industry for thinking he was not talented enough. Seeing Aki’s Studio was short of actors, he picked up the voice actor profession again in order to help Aki.
Cooperating with Aki made him regain his confidence and enthusiasm for voice actor work, and at the same time realize the love hidden in his heart.

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Product Information

Title:Voice Love On Air 
Global Publisher:Game Source Entertainment
Genre: BL Dating Sim Game
Platform: Nintendo Switch™/Steam
Planned release date:
【STEAM】14th March 2024
【Nintendo Switch™】within 2024
Suggested Retail Price:
【STEAM】HKD 187/NTD 498
【Nintendo Switch™】TBC
Rating: TBC
Subtitle:English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Japanese

©2024 SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC. All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment. 

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