Officially Licensed “Ace Attorney ” Merchandise by FANTHFUL & Popular items resale again

[Hong Kong, 2 May 2024] In 2021, the 20th anniversary of the 《Ace Attorney》 series, FANTHFUL released original items themed on the series, which have been received with enthusiasm and affection by many players. And this January 25, a new chapter will be released! ! The highly acclaimed 《Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy》 has been released with an HD port and more natural localization, giving even more excitement to the series' fans. This time, FANTHFUL brings you the first of the new officially licensed merchandise for 《Ace Attorney x FANTHFUL》 2024, officially licensed by CAPCOM, as well as the re-release of the well-received previous merchandise, which will officially go on pre-sale starting today!

The first of the new officially authorized items in the 2024 《Ace Attorney》 series
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy Pin Set

The theme is based on the characters in 《Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy》, with specially drawn silhouettes of the characters, with prosecutors and prosecutors facing each other. The outer packaging continues the reproduction of previous popular sets, and adopts a large window design for easy display and collection! Purchased two sets together, the beauty of the system goes without saying!

The set contains a total of eight Trilogy Pin, including Odoroki Housuke , Naruhodo Minuki, Kizuki Kokone, Garyu Kyoya, Nayuta, Yugami Jin, Odoroki  & Kyoya double line drawings and the sentence" Hold it!(待った!)."

Material: zinc alloy
Size: Single size is about 4*5cm, a set contains 8 styles
Price: USD 40

Ace Attorney Plush Keychain

Whether it's burning guitars, raising fowl, neurotic, or super loud voice, popular wizards, decadent uncles, or even a respectable adult, all into a cute Q version of the Plush Pendant Bar!
Each one of them has a different expression and a different demeanor. Although the model for Q version, but the character's distinctive features are also displayed. 
There are seven characters in total: Naruhodo Ryuichi (Ace Attorney 4), Mitsurugi Reiji (Ace Attorney 5 and 6), Odoroki Housuke, Naruhodo Minuki, Garyu Kyoya, Yugami Jin, and Judge

Material: polyester fiber
Size: height about 12 ~ 15cm/style
Price: USD 13 ( Each )

Ace Attorney Acrylic keychain(blind box)12pcs/set

At the same time, in terms of technology, double acrylic is used to present, whether it is the effect or the texture is fully enhanced! There are 12 roles in total, including prosecutor, lawyer, assistant, etc. The characters are Naruhodo Ryuichi, Ayasato Chihiro, Ayasato Mayoi, Mitsurugi Reiji, Godot, Karuma Mei, Odoroki Housuke,  Naruhodo Minuki, Kizuki Kokone, Garyu Kyoya, Nayuta, Yugami Jin.

Material: acrylic
Size: about 5.3*6.5cm/pcs,blind box packaging
Price:USD 72 ( Box set )

《Ace Attorney》re-release of the well-received previous merchandise


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Pin Set(Resale)
The highly sought-after trilogy pin set from the popular past items is back for a limited time! Featuring a clear window design, the set is perfect for displaying and collecting. The set includes eight trilogy pins featuring Naruhodo Ryuichi, Ayasato Mayoi, Ayasato Chihiro, Mitsurugi Reiji, Godot, Karuma Mei, Naruhodo & Mitsurugi double line drawings and the sentence" Objection."

Material: zinc alloy
Size: about 4*5cm/pcs,8pcs/set
Price:USD 40

Ace Attorney Plush Keychain(Resale)

The two models are: Naruhodo Ryuichi and Mitsurugi Reiji. The legendary lawyer and prosecutor are back in the form of Q-version plush. The cute Q-version shape cannot hide the distinct personalities of the two characters. Each one has vivid expressions and different expressions.

Material: polyester fiber
Size: about 12 * 10 * 8 cm
Price: USD 13

About FANTHFUL: FANTHFUL is committed to serving fans of popular culture such as games, movies, anime, and providing high-quality officially licensed merchandise, with the moto “Everyone is a fan, bringing fans more fun and interesting peripheral products”. Official direct sales online stores: www.fanthful.com, FANTHFUL Taobao store, FANTHFUL App, and FANTHFUL WeChat Mall mini program.

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Type: ETC
Language: 繁體中文/English
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