“Ace Attorney” Series 2nd Wave of 2024 New Official Licenced Merchandise by FANTHFUL

[Hong Kong,5 Jun, 2024] The 2nd  wave of  2024  “Ace Attorney x FANTHFUL” official licensed merchandise is now available on FANTHFUL for pre-sale! The wave features colourful Q-version tin badges, and two prosecutor and defendant duo-themed acrylic block stands.

 “Ace Attorney” Series Q-version Tin Badge (Blind Box)



The iconic lines that got your heart racing or belly laughing have been brought back to life by our adorable Q-version characters! Tell us your favourite line!

The vibrant display and the combination of specially drawn cute characters and famous lines are curated with genuine sincerity. Additionally, the impressive ensemble of characters boasts a luxurious lineup that includes prosecutors, attorneys, and assistants, making up a total of twelve distinct characters including:
Naruhodo Ryuichi, Ayasato Chihiro, Ayasato Mayoi, Mitsurugi Reiji, Godot, Karuma Mei, Odoroki Housuke,  Naruhodo Minuki, Kizuki Kokone, Garyu Kyoya, Nayuta, and Yugami Jin.


Material: Tinplate

Size: 5.8*5.8cm/badge, blind box packaging
Price: USD 52.99 (box set)


 “Ace Attorney” Series Acrylic Block Stand




The acrylic stands serve as canvases that portray the rivalry and camaraderie between two generations of adversaries.


The front of each stand features characters from both sides of the court battle, framed by a colourful, stained glass border that enhances the design's simplicity and elegance. On the reverse, the character silhouettes are set against thematic colours, with their names inscribed. The two available stands are: Naruhodo & Mitsurugi, and Odoroki & Garyu.

Material: Acrylic

Size: Approximately 15*9.7*1cm
Price: USD 17.99


Pre-Order Sales Point: https://hkgse.com/AceAttorneyVol2/



FANTHFUL is committed to serving fans of popular culture, such as games, movies, anime, by providing high-quality, officially licensed merchandise, with the motto “Everyone is a fan. We bring more fun and interesting merchandise to fans.” FANTHFUL operates official direct sales through its online store at www.fanthful.com, FANTHFUL Taobao store, FANTHFUL App, and FANTHFUL WeChat Mall mini-program.

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