The First Production by Bokeh Game Studio "Slitterhead" PlayStation®5 Asia Version Scheduled for release on 8 November 2024 (Fri)! Latest Trailer & Game Overview Revealed

[Hong Kong, 11 June 2024] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is very excited to announce that Bokeh Game Studio, founded by famous game producer Keiichiro Toyama, is set to release their first action-adventure game, "Slitterhead", on 8 November 2024 (Fri). GSE will be the distributor of the physical version of  "Slitterhead" PlayStation®5 Asia Version. The latest trailer and parts of the world and system of the game are now unveiled. 

The bodiless "Hyoki" hunts down the brain-devouring "Slitterheads", lurking in the alleys of a neon-lit city
Set in the densely cluttered streets of "Kowlong," filled with obscurity and chaos, this battle action-adventure game casts players as the "Hyoki," an entity devoid of memory and physical form. His only motive is to eradicate the monstrous beings known as "Slitterheads" crawling around the city, disguising themselves as humans. Roaming the vibrant neon-lit cityscape, players must seek out allies among humans known as "Rarities," infiltrate and track dangerous organizations, and engage in battles harnessing the power of blood. As the suspenseful drama unfolds, delve into the mystery behind Hyoki's existence and the appearance of the Slitterheads.

① Design Art Book by Keiichiro Toyama (with commentary) "The Art of Slitterhead"
② "Slitterhead" Limited Edition Box
③ "Slitterhead" Sticker Set
④ PlayStation®5 version of "Slitterhead"

※Please note that the design, contents, and specifications are subject to change without notice.

■Story Overview
Early 1990s, in the city of chaos, "Kowlong".
In the dark corner of the metropolis, serial murders take place one after another, with all the dead bodies missing their brain. 
The investigation is fraught with difficulties, and the number of victims continues to rise, but the cause remains unclear.

Amid this turmoil, "I" quietly awakened in an alley of the bustling city.
A bodiless existence, composed only of consciousness, drifting endlessly in this sea of neon lights...



An enigmatic monster mimics humans and eats human brains.
Without the mimicry, each individual differs in their terrifying true appearance.
Some look like a mollusk, some like an insect, and some like a fish.

Some of them have superb intelligence, some are amazingly powerful in attacking. Their abilities are just immeasurable.
Why are "Slitterheads" in this world? What are their purposes?Everything is still a mystery.


Players will fight against "Slitterheads" as "Hyoki".
"Hyoki" is a spiritual entity without a physical form.
Devoid of physical form, it allows him to possess and control the bodies of the city's residents to physically interfere with the real world.
Though bereft of all memories, he holds one resolute intention: to eradicate every last Slitterhead.


Specific humans who share high sync with Hyoki.
The "Rarities" have solid bodies and show abilities beyond ordinary people.
There are a number of "Rarities", each possesses unique skill sets and can make good use of their characteristics.



■Engage in intense combat action with blood and Spirit Power
"Hyoki" can control the human bodies he possesses to perform basic attacks, special attacks, jumps, dash attacks, etc.
He can also use blood as a weapon to perform various types of attacks, such as slashing, shooting, and throwing.Although the human bodies are fragile, you can simply find a different host to continue the battle, even when critically wounded.

By constantly changing hosts, you can also traverse the city at high speed.

The rarities possess active skills that can be activated at will and inherent passive skills with continuous effects.

Make good use of different skills to fight and defeat the "Slitterheads".
"Blood Level (HP)" and "Spirit Power" are consumed when using skills.
To recover your "Blood Level", collect blood from the enemies or injured civilians; to recover "Spirit Power", deflect the enemies attacks or take a blow.



■Advance in the game by completing missions
The game progresses as the player selects a mission to complete.
As the locations of the "Slitterheads" are unknown, once the mission starts, "Hyoki" will explore the city to trace "Slitterheads" by possessing a human body.
When the true identity of a "Slitterhead" is revealed and they are forced to show themself, a real battle will be ready to begin. 

To complete the missions, the assistance from the "rarities" are indispensable.
The dialogues between "Hyoki" and the "Rarities" in the intermission hold the key to uncovering the deepening mysteries in the city of Kowlong.


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Product Information
Developer: Bokeh Game Studio
Asia Distributor: Game Source Entertainment
Genre: battle action-adventure
Platform: PlayStation®5
Game Release Date:8 November 2024
Suggested Game Retail Price:【Regular Edition】36.99 USD / 258 HKD
                                               【Limited Edition】51.99 USD / 368 HKD

Subtitles:TC / SC / EN / KR / KP / FR / IT / DE / ES / ES(LA) / PT(BR)
Voice Language: English
Age Rating: TBC
Copyright:©2021 Bokeh Game Studio lnc.

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