PlayStation®4’s New DEEMO-Reborn- Specials and Sale of Asia’s Limited-Edition Premium Edition Pre-Orders for Asia’s Packaged Version Begin on 9/23

Rayark Inc.’s PlayStation®4 (PS4 TM) console game DEEMO -Reborn- will hit the stores on 11/21. Pre-orders for Asia’s packaged version will begin on 9/23. Pre-orders are separated into the Standard Edition and the Premium Edition, including a limited amount of first run limited edition content that will be disclosed for the first time today.

DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE,

DEEMO -Reborn- is an extension of Rayark’s DEEMO that includes over 60 songs. New songs and melodies make up approximately half of the musical content. Whether players choose to play the standard TV-styled gameplay or the fully immersive Virtual Reality (VR) mode experience, both add lots of fun and excitement to the game, as well as making players feel like they’re really there.

►《DEEMO -Reborn-》 2019 PV:


The packaged version will primarily be sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and the East Asia region. Two different covers will separate the Standard Edition and the Premium Edition, with a suggested price of 3980 JPY (Tax excluded) and 6980 JPY (Tax excluded). 
DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE,
▲ Cover of the Standard Package Edition

 DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE,
▲ Cover of the Premium Package Edition

Special Seasonal Ticket Price for Deluxe Edition Pre-Orders, Includes 12 Classic Song Packs

In the Premium Edition, besides the collection of over 60 songs, there are also download codes for a seasonal song pack ticket, which includes a Classic Song Pack with 12 songs created by a variety of well-known composers.

After the game is officially online, every month 3 new song packs will be launched, with each pack having an expected price of 500 JPY (Tax excluded). So, if players first purchase the Packaged Premium Edition, they’ll be able to get 12 song packs for about half the price. (Note: The download codes for seasonal song packs are for ownership of the song packs. Players will have to wait until the song packs are officially launched until they can play them.)

First Run Specials for Packaged Versions and PS4TM Specialty Themes Provide Amazing Content

Rayark announced first run specials for packaged version today. Besides 2 types of PS4TM Themes, there are also 2 specials for the packaged version. Players that purchase the Standard Edition will receive the “Deemo Theme”, while those who purchase the Premium Edition will also get the “Little Girl Theme”. Players can switch between themes as they please.
DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE, DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE, 
▲Deemo Theme

DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE, DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE,

▲Little Girl Theme

For the packaged version specials, those players who purchase the Premium Edition will receive a “Metal Key Ring”, and those who purchase the Standard Version will receive a “Flexy Mirai Charm”. Both pieces of merchandise were carefully crafted by Rayark.
DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE,
▲Metal Key Ring

DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE,
▲Flexy Mirai Charm

Game Contains Special Song Pack from Well-Known Virtual Singing Group “EGOIST”

DEEMO-Reborn- also contains a special song pack from virtual singer group “EGOIST”, which includes 5 of EGOIST’s famous songs. Rayark has noted that specific details concerning the prices and launch times will be announced after today.
DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE,

5 Songs in the“EGOIST Special Song Pack”
- All Alone With You
- Planetes
- キミソラキセキ
- Ghost of a smile
- Departures~あなたにおくるアイの歌~

EGOIST is the work of the famous Japanese band Supercell and the songwriter Ryo. Born in the manga Guilty Crown, the main singer, Chelly, is a female singer who was carefully selected from a group of 2000.

DEEMO Exhibition Tickets on Sale/ Experience the Story Settings for Yourself

DEEMO -Reborn-, DEEMO, PS4, GSE,

To celebrate the coming launch of DEEMO -Reborn-, Rayark will hold a month-long “Special DEEMO Exhibition” in November, 6 years after the original launch, located in Taipei. Besides the first-time display of the hand-drawn designs of people, settings, and items from the DEEMO series, it will also include the evolution from 2D to 3D.

DEEMO Special Exhibition Webpagehttps://short.rayark.com/deemo_event

The exhibition is split into the exhibition display area and an interactive experience area, both decorated with settings from the game, making attendees of the exhibition feel like they’re really inside of the game. The event will also offer a themed restaurant and limited-edition commemorative merchandise, leaving players excited and wanting more. Tickets are now on sale. Players can pay attention to related news from Rayark for more information.

Full Exhibition Experience-Early Bird Gift Package tickets are going fast. Tickets are available here: http://www.accupass.com/go/deemo

DEEMO -Reborn-
發售日期: 2019-11-21
平台: PlayStation® 4 / PlayStation® 4【Deluxe Edition】
遊戲類別: PZG
字幕語言: 繁體中文/簡體中文/日本語/English/EFIGS/한글
發售日期: 2018-10-25
平台: Nintendo Switch™
遊戲類別: ETC
字幕語言: 繁體中文/簡體中文/日本語/English
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