Award-winning title HARDCORE MECHA Coming soon on Nintendo Switch™

Lightning Games and Game Source Entertainment (GSE) are announcing that HARDCORE MECHA will be released on Nintendo Switch™ platform during October 2020.

Developed by Rocket Punch Games, with Lightning Games being the global publisher, the physical boxed edition will be released in Asia by Game Source Entertainment (GSE).

HARDCORE MECHA, developed by RocketPunch Games, has brought to players a hype for mecha games last year, providing its players the most exciting, fierce, and unique battle of steel.

HARDCORE MECHA, 硬核機甲, PlayStation 4, GSE,

After the game has been released on PlayStation ® 4 and Steam, HARDCORE MECHA received positive feedback from players and media around the world. The game also took home over 10 indie awards including Tokyo Game Show, and was on top of PlayStation Japan sales chart for weeks, and remained in the top 3 for over a month after its release.

The game’s Nintendo Switch™ version will allow players to enjoy exciting battles with friends at any time, anywhere.


The Story

HARDCORE MECHA, 硬核機甲, PlayStation 4, GSE,

A.D.2221, Neo U.N. founded several permanent colonies on mars with the help of the natural wormhole WM-01. The industrial products and resources produced by these colonies have ensured the prosperity of mankind after the civil war.

Tarethur O’Connell is an ACE pilot for Hardcore Defence Crop. The company has undertaken the commission by the U.N.F. to search for the missing intelligence officer ‘A’ on Mars. During the mission, Tarethur and his teammates gradually discovered that this seemingly simple mission has harbored an even greater crisis.

Well-polished 2D mecha world

HARDCORE MECHA, 硬核機甲, PlayStation 4, GSE,

The campaign mode includes 8 chapters and 18 levels in total. As the story develops, you will encounter more than 50 types of enemy mechas with various designs and details in all kinds of scenes like mineshaft, underwater, urban and space. Some levels even allow you to exit the mecha and infiltrate behind enemy line.

Of course, you won’t just have one single personal ride, you may develop and customize various new gears and focus accessories in between the missions.

Seamless Story Immersion

HARDCORE MECHA, 硬核機甲, PlayStation 4, GSE,

The unique animations with the seamless transition between the 2D platform game scenes have a total duration of 40 minutes, the full-length voice acting provides a unique immersive storytelling experience.

Highly-polished 2D animations

HARDCORE MECHA, 硬核機甲, PlayStation 4, GSE,

The detailed skeletal animation with a unique impression of power will fully showcase the characteristics of each mecha. The smooth and natural movements have also laid a good foundation for the fine handling experience. Natural 2D rotating animation, the use of visual deception like dislocation, and timely switched elements have brought out a visual effect like 3D artwork.

Various Mecha styles

HARDCORE MECHA, 硬核機甲, PlayStation 4, GSE,

American style, Japanese style, Super style, Realistic style, there are dozens of mechas of all kinds of styles available. Each mecha has its own unique tactical value, only the player who has completely grasped the features of each mecha can fully bring out their maximum combat effectiveness. What type of Mecha is the best? Prove it with your hands in PVP mode!

Up to 4 players online and local PVP

HARDCORE MECHA, 硬核機甲, PlayStation 4, GSE,

Apart from online PVP battles, this game also enables users to play against each other with a local split-screen. Single purchase, 4 times of fun!

In order to facilitate players to obtain the latest game news, and to communicate with other players, HARDCORE MECHA set up a dedicated Facebook fan page, Twitter, and Discord server, follow to join and receive the latest game information.

Twitter: @rocketpunchgame https://twitter.com/rocketpunchgame
Facebook: @rocketpunchgames https://www.facebook.com/rocketpunchgames/
Discord: HARDCORE MECHA https://discord.com/invite/XSptJFp
Weibo: @火箭拳科技 >https://weibo.com/rocketpunch?topnav=1&wvr=6&topsug=1&is_all=1

Product Information

Developer: RocketPunch Games
Global Publisher: Lightning Games
Physical Edition for Asian regions: Game Source Entertainment
Game Genre: 2D Mecha Action Shooter
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Release Date: October 2020
Retail Price: To Be Announced
Age Rating: PG12
In-Game subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean
In-game Language: Chinese, Japanese
COPYRIGHTS:© RocketPunch (Beijing) Technologies Co.,Ltd. 2016-2020. Published By Shenzhen Leiting Information Technology Co., Ltd. in global. Physical Ver. published by Game Source Entertainment in Asia.

硬核機甲 [戰士版]
發售日期: 2020-10-15
平台: Nintendo Switch™ / Nintendo Switch™ [English Cover] / Nintendo Switch™ [Japanese Cover]
遊戲類別: ACT
字幕語言: 繁體中文/簡體中文/日本語/English/한글
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