Deckbuilding Rougelike Game Nintendo Switch™《One Step From Eden》Is Officially Released Today

Game Source Entertainment (GSE) announces the distribution of the box version of 《One Step from Eden》Nintendo Switch™ developed by Thomas Moon Kang and published by Flyhigh Works。

Nintendo Switch™《One Step From EDEN》Introduction PV :

- Game Introduction -
《One Step From EDEN》is a (High Speed) shoot’em up game that combines 「Roguelike」and deckbuilding elements。 Players and their enemies can only move in their respective areas divided by squares (4x4),and ultilize the spell decks in their hands for combat。 With「Eden」the only hope in a dystopian world,gamers need to select from 9 playable characters,and pass seven procedurally generated levels to the destination 「Eden」。




- Game Highlights -
- 9+Playable Characters and BOSS choices
- 40 Unique enemies that are constantly evolving
- 200+ kind of spell cards
- More than 100+game changing「Artifacts」
- Procedurally generated levels with alternate runs
- Freely choose the survival of the enemy and the game conclusion
- Local co-op or in PvP mode


Product Information

Game Title:One Step From EDEN
Developer:Thomas Moon Kang
Publisher:Humble Games & Flyhigh Works
Hong Kong Distributor:Game Source Entertainment
Game Genre: Rougelike Deckbuilding Gane
Game Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Release Date: 25th February 2021
Suggested Price: HKD 258 / NTD 990
© 2020 Thomas Moon Kang. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Humble Bundle, the Humble Bundle logo, and the Humble Games logo are among the trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Humble Bundle, Inc. throughout the world.

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