《Overcooked! All You Can Eat》 Nintendo Switch™ Will Be On Sale Today and Announcement of Related Activities

Publisher Game Source Entertainment (GSE) announced《Overcooked! All You Can Eat》Nintendo Switch™️ jointly developed by Ghost Town Games Ltd and Team17, will be officially released today, as well as the PlayStation®️4 version on the 26th。GSE will also release information on related activities today, players participating in the activity have the opportunity to win rich prices。

《Overcooked ! All You Can Eat》Lucky Draw
In order to celebrate the release of《Overcooked ! All You Can Eat》on PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ and in appreciaton of player’s support, GSE has specially organized a《Overcooked! All You Can Eat》lucky draw。The first batch of PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™box versions comes with a beautifully designed “Raffle Ticket”, the game box is affixed with a “Include Overcooked Raffle Ticket”for identification。Players can visit the designated website and use the raffle number on the voucher to participate for free in this event。Prizes are attractive and GSE has prepared more than 400 prizes for players, and the chance to win a Nintendo Switch Console。

「Include Overcooked Raffle Ticket」Sticker


《Overcooked ! All You Can Eat》Lucky Draw Voucher

※《Overcooked ! All You Can Eat》will start accepting registrations on 1st April, and the event ends on 30th June 2021。
※ The first batch of Asian Version are affixed with a「Include Overcooked Raffle Ticket」sticker for identification。 
※ Event only extends to Hong Kong/Taiwan PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ box versions。
※ Europe/US Parallel imported box versions are not entitled to participate。


Event Participation :
1.    Please scan the QR code or enter [http://asia.hkgse.com/Overcoooked_AYCE_Event] in your browser to visit the designated website。

2.    Please fill in all the contents on the page of the lucky draw website,fill all the contents completely and submit it successfully and the registration is considered complete。The registration ends on June 30, 2021, and the draw will be held on July 12,2021。The results will be published on GSE’s Facebook, Weibo, 《Apple Daily》 and 《The Standard》, please stay tuned for the latest information。

3.    Winners are required to send a private message to GSE within 14 days after the results are announced and provide a photo of the lottery serial number as proof, after confirmation, GSE will arrange for the collection of the prizes。

※ The organizer of this event is Game Source Entertainment。This event is only valid for Hong Kong, China and Taiwan。
※ This activity is limited to individual consumers residing in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan。
※ If the prizes are lost, stolen or damaged after they are issued, they will not be reissued。
※ If participants has any questions about this event, please email to [email protected] or leave a message on the official fan page。


Event Prize List: 
Grand Prize - Nintendo Switch™ Console (1 Winner) [Value : HKD 2340]
Second Prize - Logitech X Astro A40 TR Headphone Microphone + Mixing Amplifier + Gaming Headset Accessories (A40TR01/MA3P03) [For PlayStation®4 and PC] (2 winners) [Value: HKD 2299]
Third Prize - GSE-Published Game [Random] (10 winners) [Value: HK$398]
Fourth Prize-《Overcooked! All You Can Eat》Original Switch Protection Bag [Random Style] (200 winners) [Value: HK$168]
Fifth Prize-《Overcooked! 2》Tableware Set (200 winners) [Value: HKD 98]

※ Privacy Statement:Participants of this event agree that the personal information provided, such as name, general mailing address, or contact number, is only for the lottery and internal use, and will not be released to a third party。
※ For details of the terms and conditions of the event, please refer to the lottery ticket and registration website。
※ Trade Promotions License : 54219
※ Game Source Entertainment reserves the right of final judgement on the event results。


Product Information

Game Title:《Overcooked! All You Can Eat》
Developer:Ghost Town Games Ltd & Team17
Asia Distributor:Game Source Entertainment 
Game Genre:4 Person Cooperative Party Action (Support for online/single-player 4 co-op/versus)
Platform:PlayStation®5 / Xbox Series X / PlayStation®4 / Nintendo Switch™
Release Date:24th November 2020 (PlayStation®5 / Xbox Series X)
   23rd March 2021 (Nintendo Switch™)
   26th March 2021 (PlayStation®4)
Suggested Price:HKD 388  / NTD 1490 (PlayStation®5 / Xbox Series X)
         HKD 298  / NTD 1090  (PlayStation®4 / Nintendo Switch™)
Game Rating:Ordinary
Game Subtitles:Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English/Japanese/Korean
Copyright:Overcooked! All You Can Eat. Developed by Team17 Digital Ltd and Ghost Town Games Ltd.©2020. Team17 is a trademark or registered trademark of Team17 Digital Limited. Published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and Asia. ©️ GSE is a trademark of Game Source Entertainment. All other trademarks, copyrights and logos are property of their respective owners.

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