Story and Worldview of “Death end re;Quest 2” – Bloody Violence, Thriller and Girl’s Love

Game Source Entertainment (GSE) announced that "Death end re;Quest 2", a popular work produced by the game brand "Compile Heart" under the well-known Japanese game company "Idea Factory", will be available on September 16, 2021 and released in Asian region. This time we introduce the game's worldview, as well as the 3 elements of bloody violence, thriller, and girl's love. In addition, "Death end re;Quest 2" retains the Bad end setting, which is related to these three elements.

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Death end re;Quest 2, NS, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,

Eastern European Style Town, Cursed by Mysterious Emerging Religion

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Death end re;Quest 2, NS, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,

The game stage will be the same world as the reality of the previous work "Death end: re;Quest", which is described in a Eastern European style fictional town "Le Choara".

No sooner protagonist Mai Toyama had been admitted to an all-girl's dormitory in this town, she started to trace the last whereabouts of her little sister, Sanae. Yet girls in all-girl's dormitory Wordsworth have a hidden secret which is embarrassing. Moreover, Mai discovers that Sanae is nowhere to be found, and all related record has been wiped out.

Mai had to count on a USB memory stick on her hand to continue investigation with "Arata Mizunashi's laptop" and "Hacking Ability". She accidentally discovered that this small town is being cursed by emerging religion. This town is nothing wrong during the daytime but the entire atmosphere is totally different at night. Meanwhile girls who lived in the all-girl's dormitory Wordsworth disappeared one by one. Mai and her partners were also involved to this incident. A brand-new "Wheel of Despair" starts.

Arata Mizunashi has disappeared. The tragic murders of 20 girls are about to commence. Everything and everyone are watching by "Barbas"...


Because of this worldview and background, "Death end re;Quest 2" contains 3 elements of bloody violence, thriller and girl's love.

Bloody opening: growing up in a single-parent family, nightmare begins after killing her father

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Death end re;Quest 2, NS, Game Source Entertainment, GSE, 

Mai Toyama, protagonist of this game, parents divorced since childhood. Her little sister lived with her mother, and she stayed with her father. However, her alcoholic father always abuses her and locked her up. Fortunately, her father was on a whim to gift her a smartphone and laptop. Mai can connect with her little sister eventually.

Unfortunately, Mai lost contact with her sister soon, and father's abuse has become worse. Finally, Mai lost her mind and killed her father with hatchet.

Later investigations determined that she was a legitimate defence, and has been arranged to live in the church-run all-girl's dormitory "Wordsworth".

"Death end re;Quest 2" starts with controversial topics such as society's dark side, child abuse and bloody violence. Plot development in the future is inseparable from this element.

Grotesque Monster Night - Create a thrilling atmosphere with bloody violence

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Death end re;Quest 2, NS, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,

All-girl's dormitory that Mai's living locates at a isolated town "Le Choara", an unassuming rural town that was hidden in a remote part of Eastern Europe. A mysterious religion exists here as well.

Compared with something's hiding by town people and having a certain degree of the abnormal personality of dormitory girls, the rule of strictly forbidden to go out at night is much chilling. Moreover, girls think that monsters appear at night, so going out a night is strictly prohibited.

Mai went out at night because of an accident and found that countless monsters are indeed wandering around the town to torture and kill people. Monsters kill people in extremely cruel ways thus full of horrible victims of death. Streets are also tainted with bloody red.

Finally, Mai and her partners slip out to explore this grotesque and dangerous town's night.

Start with the scenario of killing own father, more bloody violence scenes and grotesque monsters after entered the main story to create several grotesques and thrilling scenes.


Girl's Love - Dialogue selection leads to bad ending secretly

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Death end re;Quest 2, NS, Game Source Entertainment, GSE, 

As female characters dominate the entire story of "Death end re;Quest 2", the plot is inseparable from "Girl's Love".

No sooner Mai Toyama had moved into the dormitory, her new roommate "Rotten Dollhart" showed her strong interested in Mai. Besides fighting and investigating together, Mai and Rotten will have Girl's Love scenes.

In fact, Girl's Love scenes do not limit to Mai and Rotten. All other girls may trigger it.

Compared with bloody violence and grotesque thrilling monsters, Girl's Love scenes seem affecting less to the storyline. However, "Death end re;Quest 2" also have Bad End, same as the previous title. So, if your perception was affected by Girl's Love or other scenes, and selected a wrong option in dialogue, you may be killed and lead to a bad ending.

Pre-order Premium

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Death end re;Quest 2, NS, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,

From now on, anyone who pre-orders "Death End: reQuest 2" will receive a pre-order bonus postcard! The quantity is limited, while stocks last.

Product Info

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Death end re;Quest 2, NS, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,

Title: Death end re;Quest 2
Developer: Compile Heart
Publisher (Asian Region): Game Source Entertainment
Genre: RPG
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Release Date: 16 September, 2021
Suggested Price: HK$368 / NT$1,390
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese
Copyrights: ©2021 IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment.

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