8 Game Systems of "Dragon Star Varnir" - Leading the Good and Bad Endings

Game Source Entertainment (GSE) has announced that “Dragon Star Varnir”, a popular Game made by Compile Heart, a brand owned by famous Japanese game company Idea Factory, will be available on the Nintendo Switch™ platform on August 05. The game is also publishing in Asia and Korea. This time 8 systems in the game will be introduced. From combat to daily conversations, they all affect the "Insanity Level" and leads you to the good or bad ending.

1. 2 Main Features Of Combat System: Battles In The Air and Devouring The Dragon

龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,

龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,

Battles in "Dragon Star Varnir" has 2 main features. One is that battle between enemies and players are take place in the air, and the second is to exercise predation skills in order to devour the dragons.

The battlefield is split into 3 levels: The Top, Middle and Bottom. Players can move about freely between the levels to battle.

Predator skill is based on "Fear Level". It can be increased the level faster by attacking their weak points and performing a critical hit. The higher the Fear, the easier it will be to eat the dragons. Additionally, when the enemy's Fear Level is 100%, this will cause a weak point rush to occur. It also allows 3 allies to execute a consecutive rush attack with the last person performing the Devour skill. If the enemy's HP drops to 0 during a rush, the Devour skill is guaranteed to be successful.

Physical Skills & Magical Skills
The combat system is divided into two major attack methods, "Physical Skills" and "Magical Skills".

Physical Skills uses weapons to slash, hit, pierce or shoot, which is only effective on the enemy on the same level.

Magical Skills include six different attributes: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light and Dark. Can attack enemies on other levels but no critical hits effect.

Support Members and Formation Effects
A battle team with a maximum of 3 people can add additional 3 "support members" to assist by auto guard, counterattacks and/or extra attack after attacking.

By setting party formation in advance, formation effect during battle can be earned.

For example, "Delta Force" is 2 members in the middle level and 1 member in the lower level. Members in the middle level will have their attack and defence increase by 3%. The one on the bottom level will increase their magic attack and magic defence by 3%.

Dragon Awakening
Character's "Dragon Gauge" will accumulate while attacking the enemy during battle. Once it's at MAX, then the Dragon Awakening will ignite. It will create armor around you and your abilities will increase drastically.

However if ignite it when HP is extremely low, there are chances that power may go berserk and may incur a Rogue Dragon Awakening status. Though attack power and escape rate may increase, defense will greatly decrease. It is a huge gamble.

Giant Dragon Battle
Battle with Giant Dragon will take up all 3 levels. Although it may not be able to be knocked down at one time, Each of its body parts will appear on a certain level that can be attacked and destroyed. By damaging each of its body parts until their HP reaches 0, that part of the body (and the associated attacks) will be sealed.

Additionally, Giant Dragon can be knocked out temporarily then wait for an opportunity to attack the body part or main body.

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2. Dragon Core - Key To The Skill Growth

龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,

"Dragon Core" can be obtained if eating a dragon with the Devour skill. Use Core Points to learn skills and bonuses in the Dragon Core. 

You can only unlock skills that are next to those that have been obtained already in the "Dragon Star Varnir" skill tree. So be sure to release the ones you like first.

All dragons have a specific skill tree, hence try eating dragon and obtaining its Dragon Core while finding a new one.

There are 4 types of skills can be set: Physical, Magic, Devour and Passive. 5 skills for each type can be set up. Notice that equipment cost is available such that much powerful skill comes with higher cost.


3. Feeding The Little Sisters To Prevent The Dragon From Breaking Out

As mentioned in "Story and Worldview of Dragon Star Varnir", dragon residing in witches' womb will break out in about the age of 17. However, touching "Insanity Level" may also causes it happen earlier. Therefore, you will have to give them dragon meat or blood you've obtained during your exploration.

Each sister has a satisfaction meter and depends on the amount of dragon meat or blood. Yet their dragon growth gauge will be at MAX if feeding too much, causing dragon to erupt and fly off into the wild.

The dragon that erupted from the little sister will appear in the dungeon with the name of the sister. Although you can devour it and obtain skills. But... really to do it? Your call.


4. Insanity Level - Leading To Different Endings

龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,

In the camp menu, the top right will always display the Insanity Level. This shows the Insanity Level of each party member.

Actions and selections during the game will fill up the gauge. If the Insanity Level gets to a certain point and special event happens in between chapters. It will branch off to the maddening event of despair.

Because of this special system, Dragon Star Varnir have different endings. Insanity Level will guide you to different ending. So please be careful on selection during the game.


5. Field Exploration - Finding Out More Items and Magics

龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,

Apart from ordinary enemies and bosses, there are various gimmicks in dungeons such as treasure chests, harvest points and obstacles in the dungeons. They can be destroyed and may obtain items.

You can break through obstacles by using "Special Magic". Each character equipped with their own Special Magic:

Zephy: Barrier destruction → destroy a magical barrier and can proceed on.
Minessa: Witch's Secret Passage → escape the dungeon and return to the Witches' Den.
Karikaro: Wild Instincts → for a short time, you can see all the hidden treasures in the dungeon.
Laponette: Bridge of Light → on areas you can't cross, she is able to make a magical floor appear.
Charlotta: Seal Breaker → get rid of the crystals sealed in the vines, to obtain what's inside.


6. Mixing Elixirs - Summons Special Dragon To Obtain Rare Equipment

"Witches' Workshop" is another important place of Dragon Star Varnir. You can use dragon parts to make an elixir and then summon a special dragon. When you defeat this special dragon successfully, you will obtain rare equipment that unattainable anywhere else.

As elixir needs "catalyst" to catalysis. Depending on the catalyst you chose, the equipment type and rarity of the drop will change. Some of them may be more accidently prone during creation...

Elixir can be consumed in the Workshop anytime. Remember that elixir won't disappear even defeated in the challenge battle. You can challenge repeatedly until being victorious!


7. Huntery - Take Quests To Obtain Books of Formation

Various quests can be taken in the "Huntery". If you fulfill a quest, various rewards will be received. Among the items available to be received are the "Books of Formation". It is very essential as you can change the battle formation! Fulfill as many quests in Huntery as you can to earn different Books of Formation.

8. Gift Item To Witch, Triggering Special Event

龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,

龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,

You can gift items you have obtained from dungeons and shops in "The Witch's Room".

Depends on their own personal preference to different items, their affinity level will change. If the affinity level gets to a certain level, a special event will occur.

Most special events do not affect the main story, but it is a good chance for collecting event CGs.

龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,

Product Info

龍星的瓦爾尼爾,Dragon Star Varnir,Idaa Factory,Compile Heart,NS,GSE,

Title: Dragon Star Varnir
Developer: Compile Heart
Publisher (Asian Region): Game Source Entertainment
Genre: RPG
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Release Date: August 05, 2021
Suggested Price: 
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Korean
Copyrights: ©2021 IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment.

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