"Death end re;Quest 2" System Introduction

Game Source Entertainment (GSE) announced that "Death end re;Quest 2", a popular work produced by the game brand "Compile Heart" under the well-known Japanese game company "Idea Factory", will be available and release in the Asian region on September 02. This time we will briefly introduce the game system. Its day and night settings bring two completely different worlds. Also, the decision-making during battle and dialogue can bring the story to a bad ending, which is quite challenging.

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Nintendo Switch, Death end re:Quest2, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,

1. Travelling between day and night to reveal the truth

Gameplay of "Death end re;Quest 2" is split between two time periods: day and night.

During midday, you can visit the dormitory and explore Le Choara to search for clues, without any battle to engage. But when the evening comes, the town was just metamorphosed into a haunted shell of itself, and full of different kinds of monsters that waiting for a chance to attack and eat people.

By combining the information obtained during the day and the battle and exploration in the evening, players will gradually approach the truth of the incident.

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Nintendo Switch, Death end re:Quest2, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,

2. "Triact System" - much powerful than typical turn-based battle

Similar to the previous title and even most of the RPGs, battles in "Death end re;Quest 2" are also run by turn-based. However, the battle system belongs to the "Triact System" design.

The biggest difference with a typical turn-based system is that players can execute more than 1 command in a single turn. For example, "Attack, Guard, Guard" commands.

Maximum 3 characters engage in the battle at the same time. So it's essential to make a formation by characteristics and arrange operation sequence. As each skill have a different effective area, players should consider how to achieve maximum effect. Besides, If the best attack direction can be combined with the proper characteristics, enemies can be hit even outside the attackable area.

Players also can activate the "Knockback" system by performing physical attacks. Enemies will bump within the designated area like a pinball. If it knocks into an ally, she may perform the "Know Blow" action, which allows her to strike the incoming foe for a devastating combo.

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Nintendo Switch, Death end re:Quest2, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,

3. Never touch the Dark Shadow, use "bug" to enable Glitch Mode

Players may encounter "Dark Shadow", believed that do not belong to this world, in the evening randomly. It is too powerful that unable to eliminate. Moreover, if the player was caught means game over. Just run away if found it stand in front of you.

There are severe bugs that appear during battle. Some of them will accumulate "corruption" once touched some bugs.

If corruption reaches 80% or over, characters will enable "Glitch Mode". Not only in another outlook but all abilities will significantly improve.

In addition, all 3 characters have unique skills:

Mai Toyama: Hacking
Access a computer to hack into security cameras positioned around dungeons.

Rottie: Mosquito Jump
Float into the air over obstacles that cannot be scaled with a normal jump.

Liliana: Destructo Bat
Destroy seemingly unbreakable wall patches.

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4. Wrong selection causes death

死亡終局 輪迴試煉2, Nintendo Switch, Death end re:Quest2, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,

Same as the previous title, "Death end re;Quest 2" also have a large amount of story diversion point. They mainly appear on the character's dialogue and event selection.

It is noticeable that battle fail will not be game over. Conversely, the wrong selection at the story diversion point will cause death instantly. Moreover, the illustration is quite shocking that challenges players' courage.

It is recommended to save the progress before making any decision if you want to have a good ending. However, "Death end re;Quest 2" comes with a "2nd cycle" design for another attempt, even saved the progress wrongly. In other words, some of the plots/scenes appear only by completing the story the first time and attempt 2nd cycle.

Product Information

Game Title: Death end re;Quest 2
Developer: Compile Heart
Asia Publisher: Game Source Entertainment
Game Genre: Mysterious Thriller Role Playing Game
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Release Date: September 02, 2021 (Digital Edition)
Suggested Retail Price: HKD 368
Subtitle: Traditional Chinese
Copyright: ©2021 IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment.

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