The Ultimate Room-Escape Game “DYING: 1983” Accepts Pre-order from September 28, 2021 RTX Display Technology Brings More Realistic Horror Game Presence

Game Source Entertainment announced that the physical version of the PlayStation®5 first-person exploration puzzle game "DYING: 1983", developed by NEKCOM Entertainment and released globally by 2P Games will be released on February 17, 2022 and accepts pre-order from September 28, 2021 onwards. This latest title of the DYING series is tailored to the powerful PlayStation®5, making full use of ray tracing technology, supporting 4K image quality, and flexibly using Tempest 3D AudioTech sound technology and the adaptive trigger and haptic feedback of the DualSense™ wireless controller. The new feature, with the blessing of ultra-high-speed SSD, brings the ultimate escape experience to players. Compared with the previous title, more than three times of different forms of puzzles have been added this time. Weird and suspenseful environment challenge players' courage, and resilience!

Official PV of “DYING: 1983”:

Trapped in Deep Darkness, Cruel Truth Revealed

DYING 1983, NECKOM Entertainment, PS5, GSE,

On August 30th, Showa 58 (1983), Kenji Kamiki, a 35-year-old genius surgeon received a mysterious invitation letter.

It's not just amazingly good pay that attracts him, but “to be engaged in epoch-making research that can change human medicine."

The entrance to the research room is hidden inside an abandoned factory. Ordinary people are unable to find it if there is no introduction from the contact person.

Nobody exists inside the sunny institute. There is a strong sense of incongruity in the seemingly calm environment.

What happened here?

With the deepening of the exploration, a sexy and mysterious fish head girl in a cheongsam suddenly appeared.

Strange scenes followed one after another...

DYING 1983, NECKOM Entertainment, PS5, GSE,

Ultimate Exploration Puzzle

DYING 1983, NECKOM Entertainment, PS5, GSE,

"DYING: 1983" is the latest title of the “DYING” series. In this first-person puzzle game, you will operate the protagonist to freely explore the 3D scene, use the collected props to solve one puzzle after another, and finally discover the truth beneath this abandoned factory.

The game retains the widely acclaimed puzzle-solving method of the predecessor "DYING: Reborn", and the number of puzzles is three times that of the predecessor. Moreover, the decryption thinking of each clue is not repeated, which makes the puzzle-solving experience a leap forward. In addition, "DYING: 1983" is different from the previous game's level system. The completely re-made maps are interlinked with each other, and matched with extremely realistic images, making the player feel more immersed in the story.

DYING 1983, NECKOM Entertainment, PS5, GSE,

"DYING: 1983" also put a lot of effort into scripting. Not only the script is five times more than the previous title that the narrative and performance have been greatly improved. The game is not flat and straightforward to deliberately frighten the player with the effective screen to create a sense of horror. On the contrary, the player needs to carefully read/listen to the collected files/recordings. By piecing together clues, the process of finding the truth will slowly get deeper and deeper chill. 

DYING 1983, NECKOM Entertainment, PS5, GSE,

Performing by Well-known Voice Actors

“DYING: 1983” appointed famous and representative Japanese voice actors such as Miyuki Sawashiro and Shunsuke Takeuchi. They are not only dubbed the story but were also responsible for recording the files. Miyuki Sawashiro, who is famous for her acting skills, and Shunsuke Takeuchi that gives people a sense of tension in the story, are the reasons for appointing them. Their performance made the story of “DYING: 1983” becoming deeper and full of a sense of presence.

Achieve an Overwhelming Sense of Presence With Amazing Visual Effects

DYING 1983, NECKOM Entertainment, PS5, GSE,DYING 1983, NECKOM Entertainment, PS5, GSE,

"DYING: 1983" also adopts the two display technologies of ray tracing and DLSS (deep learning super sampling) brought by NVIDIA® RTX, using ray-tracing technology to achieve a more realistic, rich, and varied scene environment, and supports 4K HD at the same time Picture quality. You can not only feel the tranquility and warmth of a family environment in it but also experience the hidden eerie and weirdness.

DYING 1983, NECKOM Entertainment, PS5, GSE,DYING 1983, NECKOM Entertainment, PS5, GSE,

Demonstration of RTX on / off:

Every scene in "DYING: 1983" can bring players a realistic feeling and make the game's horror and strange atmosphere more intense. At the same time, the sound effect is fully output in 3D form, and the player only needs to wear the earphones to feel the same sound field effect as the reality.

The PlayStation®5 version of "DYING: 1983" makes full use of the new features of the DualSense™ wireless controller such as adaptive trigger and haptic feedback to mobilize every cell in the player's body and bring the ultimate escape room experience to the player.

Pre-order "DYING: 1983" now.

Product Information

DYING 1983, NECKOM Entertainment, PS5, GSE,

Title: DYING: 1983
Developer: NECKOM Entertainment
Global Distributor: 2P Games
Distributor: Game Source Entertainment
Genre: First-person Exploration Puzzle
Platform: PlayStation®5
Release Date: February 17, 2022
Suggested Retail Price: HKD298
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese,
Voice: Japanese
Copyrights: © NEKCOM Entertainment Ltd. All Right Reserved. “DYING: 1983” and “NEKCOM” are registered trademarks or trademarks of NEKCOM Entertainment Ltd.

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