The otome classic ‘Amnesia’ will make its return in 2022 in SWITCH with Chinese version!

Following this year release of ‘オランピアソワレ’, ‘Cupid Parasite’, and other Nintendo Switch™ Chinese version titles with ‘Otomate’, an otome brand under the famous Japanese game company Idea Factory, Game Source Entertainment (GSE) announces releasing another Chinese version of otome classic ‘Amnesia‘ in 2022.

Amnesia, 失憶症, 乙女遊戲, NS, Nintendo Switch, Idea Factory, Otomate, GSE,

Story Overview

A story in a fictional world, a fictional country, and a fictional city.

It is August the first.
The heroine wakes up in the morning and realizes that she has lost all her memories before the first day in August…

How has she been living, her relationships with all the other people, she remembers none of them like a piece of a blank sheet.

And there is a boy named Orion, who claimed himself a genie appears in front of the heroine.
With the guide of Orion, the heroine is determined to get back her lost memories. The moment when she decided to get her hands on her daily life, she receives a call on the phone which appears to be hers.

——It is an ‘unfamiliar’ name that is shown on the screen. ——
She is going to meet ‘him’, who she does not know his name or face, but someone who could possibly be her ‘boyfriend’.

The heroine does not know whom to trust and she acts very carefully so no one would find out that she has lost her memories. And the story has become much more complicated ever since.

The heroine has lost her memories about ‘him’,
But she is about to create a new love story with ‘him’ starting from this day ——

Bring the classic otome gaming experience back to Nintendo Switch™ in the Chinese version

Ever since “Amnesia” was released in PSP back in 2011, it gained great popularity among Japanese players. Fan Disk “AMNESIA LATER”, sequel “AMNESIA CROWD” , and the third episode “AMNESIA WORLD” of it were released within several years after and the work was even animated into a TV series with the original voice casting as the game. Welcoming the 10th anniversary of the “Amnesia” series, GSE would release the Chinese version of “Amnesia”, bringing back the memorable otome experience to Nintendo Switch™. Let’s fall and get into different worlds and relationships, and get back the lost memories.

Official website and fan page

To provide a platform for relaxing and convenient sharing, GSE has opened designated official Instagram, Facebook, and Weibo account for otome game players to join and communicate. Please look forward to our information update on otome game in these GSE platforms. If otome games continue receiving great reviews from players, GSE would strongly consider bringing more otome games in Chinese with Otomate. Thank you for all the players’ attention and support.

The affection lying deep down in the memories,
Is about to awake——

Product Information

Amnesia, 失憶症, 乙女遊戲, NS, Nintendo Switch, Idea Factory, Otomate, GSE,

Name: Amnesia
Developer: Idea Factory/Design Factory
Publisher: Game Source Entertainment
Genre: Otome AVG
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Release Date: Within Year 2022
Suggested Retail Price: Regular Version T.B.A.
            Limited Version T.B.A.
Rating: 15+
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese
©️ 2021 IDEA FACTORY/DESIGN FACTORY All Rights Reserved. Licensed to and Published by Game Source Entertainment.

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