Main delicacies of The Latest Title of The Classic RPG Series Sword And Fairy - Together Forever

Game Source Entertainment (GSE) has scheduled the release of "Sword and Fairy - Together Forever" for August 4th, 2022 on the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 platforms. "Sword and Fairy - Together Forever" features a variety of delicacies as an aid for characters to eat, including wine. These can be obtained through shops, random drops from defeating monsters, and rewards for completing sub-missions. These receipts can assist players in turning losing into winning. Today, we will introduce the common delicacies that can be found in "Sword and Fairy - Together Forever" to give a better picture of their functions.

Oil Sauce Noodles

Greasy, with some chopped green onion, meat foam, and crushed cowpea on the chewy noodles, accompanied by a unique sauce. 

Functions: DEF and ADF increase by 10 points respectively
Duration: 30 minutes

Garuda Noodles

This dish is so different from that of the human world in terms of its color and taste. It is so popular among the Garuda that it is offered to the Devildom later. It is cooked with ingredients mostly from the Devildom and is said to encourage warriors to fight after eating. Everyone loves it except the Heavenly Demon Lord.

Functions: HP upper limit increases by 500 points
Duration: 30 minutes

Giant crab claw

The claws of the giant king crab are the size of a man's arm, and the meat is very fatty and delicious when steamed. It is said that if a crab claw is broken during an attack, a new claw will grow shortly afterward.

Functions: Critical hit increases by 15%
Duration: 30 minutes

Spring pancake

Shredded fresh vegetables are rolled in a pancake with meat and sauce. It is made from common ingredients, but the taste is delicious.

Functions: The amount of money gained increases by 20%
Duration: 30 minutes

Steam Treasure

It is a combination of steamed meat, pearl two-color meatballs, and Tai Chi two-vegetable dishes. It is famous for its lightness, palatableness, and fatty but not greasy meat.

Functions: Physical attack and spiritual attack increase by 10 points respectively
Duration: 30 minutes

Steam Wuchang bream

The sliced pancetta with fish is steamed to perfection. The fish meat is tender and filled with freshness, leaving one finger-licking.

Functions: HP upper limit increases by 100 points
Duration: 30 minutes

Product Information

Sword and Fairy - Together Forever Latest Work of Classic RPG will arrive on PS4 & PS5 Platforms Sword and Fairy - Together Forever Latest Work of Classic RPG will arrive on PS4 & PS5 Platforms

Title: Sword and Fairy - Together Forever(仙劍奇俠傳 七)
Developer: Softstar Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Asian Distributor: Game Source Entertainment
Genre: ARPG
Platform: PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5
Release Date: Scheduled for August 2022
Suggested Retail Price: 238 HKD / 29.99 USD / 990 NTD
Voice: Mandarin
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese
Copyrights: ©2022 Softstar Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment.

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