Main scenes of The Latest Title of The Classic RPG Series Sword And Fairy - Together Forever

Game Source Entertainment (GSE) has scheduled the release of "Sword and Fairy - Together Forever" for August 4th, 2022 on the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 platforms. Following the introduction of the main scenes in "Sword and Fairy - Together Forever", there are many other scenes to be explored in the game. Today, we will bring you the second round of introduction of the main scenes in "Sword and Fairy - Together Forever", bringing you the other well-designed scenes in the game.  

Howling Canyon

Located deep in the Changbai Mountains, the valley is covered in snow and ice all year round, with range of mountains and icicles crisscrossing each other. The valley is said to be the abode of the mountain gods, so no one dares to disturb them and entering the canyon.

Smoky Village

The Smoky Village is a paradise, close to a sea of hallucinating flowers filled with the scent of nature. The most beautiful view of the day is at sunset, when the sun shines on the Flower Sea in the misty Floral Cliff, bringing a mysterious aura to the place. However, the flowers there will paralyze nearly all living beings. In this game, after receiving a message from Master Yuxia, Yue Qing Shu and her companions immediately crossed Qing Yan Village and reached the cliff to defeat Hualiu, a Spirit Beast orgianlly from the Deity realm and is now out of control.

East Azure Abyss

The underwater volcanoes of the East Azure Abyss contain powerful fire energy, which naturally gives rise to the unconscious and perishable fire spirits. The Underwater City was pressed against the volcano, causing the fire energy to shrink rapidly, and also due to the influence of the demon's power, the fire spirits gradually transformed into fire beasts. The balance between the volcanoes and the deep sea made the ruins of the underwater city a pleasant water-free space to live in, with earth fire at the bottom to feed on, and a good living environment for the fire beasts to breed into a colony.

Yanbo Spring 

Located in the Devil's Realm, the surface of the spring is blazing hot, and the stone walls are carved with ancient pictographs. At the side of the spring, it stands a giant statue of Shennong which costs the Beast everything to build. It symbolizes the high position of their creator in their hearts.

Lianli Area

The Lianli Area is the main route to transport between the Heaven Demon Kingdom and the Yanbo Spring. After passing through the Antelope Valley, you will see a field of flowers flourishing down the path. In the centre, where the sacred soldiers of the past are buried, is a sword mound centering the Loong Cloud Spear, a condolatory tribute of its master to the past soldiers with a sense of grave and sadness.

Product Information

Sword and Fairy - Together Forever Latest Work of Classic RPG will arrive on PS4 & PS5 Platforms Sword and Fairy - Together Forever Latest Work of Classic RPG will arrive on PS4 & PS5 Platforms

Title: Sword and Fairy - Together Forever(仙劍奇俠傳 七)
Developer: Softstar Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Asian Distributor: Game Source Entertainment
Genre: ARPG
Platform: PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5
Release Date: 4th August 2022
Suggested Retail Price: 238 HKD / 29.99 USD / 990 NTD
Voice: Mandarin
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese
Copyrights: ©2022 Softstar Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment.

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