F1® Manager 2022 Physical Edition will be released at PS4 / PS5 / Xbox Series X / XboxOne on August 25th.

Game Source Entertainment (GSE) announced that it will officially release the business simulation game "F1® Team Manager 2022 (F1® Manager 2022" developed and published by Frontier Developments on August 25 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X , Xbox One boxed version, today we will introduce the game features, let you have a sneak peek.

Game Feature 

Make your mark on Formula 1® in the officially licensed F1® Manager 2022. Be the boss of your chosen constructor and pick from a roster of 2022 drivers and staff. Featuring full F1® licensing and true-to-life presentation, you won’t just play F1® Manager 2022 – you’ll live it.

Career – Become the Best

Write a new chapter in a bold new era for Formula 1®. Choose your F1® team and guide them to glory throughout the official 2022 races by beginning your journey at the back of the grid or taking your place in pole position – in F1® Manager, the choice is yours. Your task is to impress the board by hitting your season targets and long-term goals, securing your team’s success for years to come.

The HQ – Build Your Team

Your constructor team are the beating heart of racing operations. Between races, control every detail of your team from HQ. Monitor the performance of your star drivers and staff, keep your finances in the black, and scout best-in-class staff from rival teams to give yourself an extra edge for upcoming races.

The Factory – Perfect Your Car

Get your hands on 2022’s striking new car design and race closer to your opponents than ever before. Assign new parts for your cars to prepare for the race ahead. Choose your engineering approach to gain advantages on upcoming circuits – will you develop a well-balanced system, focus on areas needing improvement, or excel in specific aspects of performance?

The Race – Create and Execute Your Strategy

From lights-out to the chequered flag, you’re in control. Own every decision from pit strategy to tyre choices to driver callouts. Plan your approach but be prepared to react to dynamic race events such as weather and fluctuating track conditions. Immerse yourself in a hyper-realistic simulation of an official F1® race presented in true-to-life broadcast quality.

Product Information

Product Name :《F1® Manager 2022 》
Developer:Frontier Developments
Publisher:Frontier Developments
Game Type: Simulation, Strategy
Platfrom: PlayStation®️4 、PlayStation®️5、 Xbox Series X、 Xbox One
Release Date: 25 Augest 2022
Price:HKD$ 348 / NTD $1390 / 54.99USD
Raiting:PEGI 3
Languages:Simplified Chinese / Japanese / English
© 2022 Frontier Developments, plc. Frontier and the Frontier Developments logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Frontier Developments, plc

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