“Hokko Life” Asian Verison is now officially out on PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

Game Source Entertainment (Hong Kong, hereinafter referred to as GSE)  announces that  “Hokko Life” Asian Verison is officially available on PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch today! Step into the quiet and relaxing Hokko, where you can utilize your creativity to design your own house, facilities, or furniture to create your dream town! Also, you can choose a relaxed countryside lifestyle and enjoy fishing and butterfly hunting. Furthermore, you can become the town's mischievous mischief-maker and walk into someone's house and take all their furniture and items for yourself! In the following, we are announcing a brand new PV and the content of the specials for the “Hokko Life” Asian Verison. The possibilities in Hokko Town are waiting for you to explore!

Link to New Release Day PV:

Link to Hokko Life Asian Version Offical Website: https://asia.hkgse.com/page/Hokko_Life


The Content of A Limited-time Bonus

For those who have purchased the physical version of  “Hokko Life”, either for PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch, will receive an A4 folder. The A4 folder features the charming scenery of Hokko, with green grass and the beautiful river, and cute animal friends waving hello to you. Limited to stock on hand.



Game features

Free Design and Painting Tools:  Use your imagination to create your own furniture! With the powerful 3D design tool, players can adjust the size, color, material, and even the angle of placement of different objects to create their ideal furniture or decorations.

Material Collection and Processing: Players can travel to forests or abandoned mines to collect wood or ore. Bring them back to the workshop so you can craft different equipment, furniture, or decorations.



Fishing and Bug Hunting Mini Games: Grab your fishing rod and bug net to catch the fish and insects! There are several fishing spots in Hokko where you can catch different kinds of fish. You can also catch the town's fluttering butterflies with your insect net, or find bugs hiding in the bush to become a master insect collector.



Town Development: Players can freely build new houses in the town to attract more people to move in. The appearance of the house, the interior style, and even the furniture are all up to you. You can use your creativity to make Hokko a fascinating place to live.



Meeting The Lovely Character: Hokko is full of interesting characters, from the fashionable antelope Laurus to the fishing bear Derris. If you spend more time interacting with them, you will find that they are all adorable and lovely! Meet new friends in the town and work together to revive Hokko!

Buy Now From GSE official website: https://asia.hkgse.com/detail/505/en (PS4™ and Nintendo Switch physical versions)


■Title: Hokke Life (Asian Version)


■Available Platforms: Nintendo Switch™️/ PlayStation®4


■Release date:  31st Oct 2022



PlayStation®4:238 HKD

Nintendo Switch™:248 HKD


■Genre:  Social simulation game


■Number of players: 1 player




■Developer: Wonderscope





HOKKO LIFE © 2022 Wonderscope AB, Published under license by Team17 Digital Limited. Team 17 is a registered trademark of Team 17 Digital limited. All other trademarks, copyrights and logos are property of their respective owners. Published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and Asia.


■About Game Source Entertainment

Based in Hong Kong, Game Source Entertainment is a distributor and trading company in the Asian region.

Game Source Entertainment is a Hong Kong-based Asian publisher and distributor of over 100 titles for the PlayStation(R) 4, Nintendo Switch(TM), Xbox One and previous generation console platforms.


■For more information about Game Source Entertainment and its products, please click here.


GSE Official HP: https://asia.hkgse.com/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gsehktw


IG: https://www.instagram.com/gse_hktw/


YouTube GSE Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/GAMESOURCEENTERTAINMENT


Weibo: https://www.weibo.com/hkgse


WeChat: HK_GSE


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