Take A Sneak Peek at The Mini Puzzle Games of Retro-Style Pixel-Art Adventure Game “Tales of The Neon Sea” Solve Puzzles and Get Closer to The Truth!

[Hong Kong, 16th March 2023 ] Game Source Entertainment (Hong Kong, hereinafter referred to as GSE) is pleased to announce that Tales of the Neon Sea (Asian Version), will be available on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, and Nintendo Switch on 30 March 2023. Hidden secrets are buried in this mysterious and colourful city. A strange murder broke into Rex’s life and evidence of robot mutiny have found. This time, we will release a few iconic puzzles to give players a glimpse into the game's carefully designed levels. The answers to the puzzles will be left to the players to solve as they play!

Cracking the code

In his quest to track down the killer, Rex will encounter a variety of obstacles, including various locks and puzzles, and the hints to decipher the codes are often hidden in the scenes. There are a number of colour-related puzzles in the game, and players can look out for brightly coloured objects in the scenes that may relate to the puzzles. In addition, the key to deciphering the code is often hidden in the documents or cryptograms that the player obtains. If the player is at a loss to solve the code, it may be because he or she has not yet obtained the related document. You can try to solve other puzzles first, and you may find the relevant clues. The answer may be hidden in a document that the player can check at any time from the menu.


Pin tumbler lock mini-game

As a professional private detective, it is logical and reasonable to know how to open locks. Rex will be challenged by electronic locks, code locks, and many more pin-tumbler locks. More than a thought-provoking puzzle, breaking the spring lock is a test of patience. Once in the pin tumbler lock mini-game, players have to press and hold the button to push the key pins upwards using the white lock opener, and it will get stuck when it reaches the correct position. 


If the key pins are pushed too far, they will pop out. The difficulty of this game is that you need to get all the key pins in the right place. If any of the key pins pop out, you have to start all over again, so your patience and dexterity are very important. When unlocking the lock, instead of pushing the unlocker upwards in one go, you should push it upwards slowly and listen carefully for the sound of the lock, and release it as soon as you hear the sound of it reaching the right position. If you fail, try a few more times and you will soon be able to unlock it successfully.


Assembling Props

Can't find the right tool to solve a puzzle? Maybe it's because you haven't combined the items yet! Some items may not come in handy immediately when you acquire them, so you'll need to use the assembly table to assemble them before they can be truly useful.


There are assembly tables in the Underbridge District and in Night Flower Town.


In addition, the automatic assembly table in Charles' workshop also requires players to collect parts in order to assemble useful items from blueprints.


A wide range of puzzles

In addition to the above, there are various puzzles and riddles in "Tales of The Neon Sea” to challenge players. Only those who keep a clear head will be able to find out the truth!



■Title: Tales of the Neon Sea (Asian Version)

■Available Platforms: Nintendo SwitchTM️/ PlayStation®4/ PlayStation®5

■Release date: 30 March 2023


PlayStation®4:USD29.99 /238 HKD

PlayStation®5:USD29.99 /238 HKD

Nintendo SwitchTM:USD29.99 /238 HKD

■Genre: Cyberpunk puzzle adventure

■Number of players: 1 player


■Developer: Yi Games



2023 Thermite Games All Rights Reserved. Published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and



■About Game Source Entertainment

Based in Hong Kong, Game Source Entertainment is a distributor and trading company in the Asian region.

Game Source Entertainment is a Hong Kong-based Asian publisher and distributor of over 100 titles for

the PlayStation(R) 4, Nintendo Switch(TM), Xbox One and previous generation console platforms.


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