Retro-Style Pixel-Art Adventure Game “Tales of The Neon Sea” Is Available Now! Delve into A Futuristic City to Track Down A Mysterious Case!

[Hong Kong, 30 March 2023 ] Game Source Entertainment (Hong Kong, hereinafter referred to as GSE) is pleased to announce that Tales of the Neon Sea (Asian Version), is officially available on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, and Nintendo Switch today. Hidden secrets are buried in this mysterious and colourful city. A strange murder broke into Rex’s life and evidence of robot mutiny have found. You'll find the clues to the mystery, the hidden secrets and the truth!

“Tales of the Neon Sea” Pre-order Bonus - A Set of Special Stickers

The set of special stickers features 14 unique stickers, ranging from the gentle white cat to the heroic cat family leader, to suit all cat lovers' preferences! Purchase a physical version of “Tales of the Neon Sea” during the pre-order period and you can take them home with you.

*This image is an illustration of the product and the design is subject to change.
*Please check with staff before pre-ordering.


Game Features

Gripping Narrative

A missing robot, a horrific series of murders, a resurgent killer ...... Death and intrigue envelop the city. As one case after another emerges, detective Rex's "hallucinations" begin to recur, and he sees bizarre visions frequently. In order to fulfil his long-cherished wishes, Rex is determined to pursue the case to the end. Will he reach the truth, or will he get himself killed?

On-site evidence search and case reconstruction

A thorough search of the crime scene, a careful examination of the evidence and every clue may hold the key to solving the case! Once enough evidence has been gathered, Rex will be able to deduce what happened and restore the truth.

A wide range of puzzles

Pin tumbler lock, code-breaking, frequency adjustments, wire connections and more - the game is packed with a wide range of puzzles just waiting to be solved! The only way to find out the truth is to keep your head clear.


Classic pixel art and detailed map design

A fascinating and mysterious Cyberpunk city drawn in a brightly coloured pixelated style. From the towering skyscrapers to the petals on the holographic projections, all are rendered in 8-bit pixels with striking light and shadow effects for a refreshing experience.

A collection of adorable cats

In addition to the puzzle elements, cats are also an integral part of the game. Whether it's a cute fat cat or an elegant, long-haired cat, you'll find them all in this game! You can also take control of William, the cute black cat, as detective Rex's assistant and go on a journey to solve a strange case together.



■Title: Tales of the Neon Sea (Asian Version)

■Available Platforms: Nintendo SwitchTM️/ PlayStation®4/ PlayStation®5

■Release date: 30 March 2023


PlayStation®4:USD29.99 /238 HKD

PlayStation®5:USD29.99 /238 HKD

Nintendo SwitchTM:USD29.99 /238 HKD

■Genre: Cyberpunk puzzle adventure

■Number of players: 1 player


■Developer: Yi Games



2023 Thermite Games All Rights Reserved. Published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and



■About Game Source Entertainment

Based in Hong Kong, Game Source Entertainment is a distributor and trading company in the Asian region.

Game Source Entertainment is a Hong Kong-based Asian publisher and distributor of over 100 titles for

the PlayStation(R) 4, Nintendo Switch(TM), Xbox One and previous generation console platforms.


■For more information about Game Source Entertainment and its products, please click here.

GSE Official HP: https://asia.hkgse.com/

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YouTube GSE Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/GAMESOURCEENTERTAINMENT

Weibo: https://www.weibo.com/hkgse

WeChat: HK_GSE

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