《DREDGE》Sinister Fishing Adventure Game 4 reasons why you should play 《DREDGE》

[Hong Kong, 7 April 2023] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is excited to announce upcoming fishing adventure game DREDGE developed by New Zealand indie game studio Black Salt Games, will be launched across on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 and Nintendo Switch™ platforms on 27 April 2023, and published by Game Source Entertainment. Today we'll introduce you to the exciting features of DREDGE and the reasons why you must play it, and we'll also disclose the special offer for pre-ordering the game!

“DREDGE” Pre-order Bonus – Custom Rod
order a physical version of “DREDGE” during the pre-order period and receive a digital special pre-order bonus " Custom Rod ". Give yourself an advantage with this improved starting rod. Custom rods have a stylish appearance with the company colors of its creator, in particular, the colour of it is blue on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5  and red on Nintendo Switch™ .  It outperforms rods of the same size, allowing you to get the edge on other anglers. The Custom Rod replaces the normal starting rod when beginning a new save.

*Image is for reference only.
*Limited quantities available, please check with staff before pre-ordering
*Purchase of the PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5 version will receive a custom rod (blue).
*Purchase of the Nintendo Switch™ version will receive a custom rod (red).“DREDGE” Pre-order Bonus on PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5

“DREDGE” Pre-order Bonus on Nintendo Switch™


【1】Day and Night Cycle Storytelling

During the day, the sea and the islands may look a little odd and the air a little off-putting, especially after the sun goes down and night falls. Make sure your boat is well lit and remember to stay alert because you never know what's going to happen next.


【2】Keeping Sane

Having your sea legs isn’t your main worry in Dredge. You need to make sure your sanities are kept in check with the Panic system carving out the way your story is told.


【3】Be a responsible Captain

Keep your boat in tip top shape with the boat upgrade menu, research opportunities and all-round repairs. Let it get in disarray and it’ll be one step close to the locker!


【4】Fishing minigame lover's dream

This game is basically a fishing minigame lover's dream. As there are a bunch of different fishing styles, you can really lean into how easy but complex if you want to go in-depth about it. 

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Product Information


Developer: Black Salt Games
Distributor:Game Source Entertainment
Genre:Sinister Fishing Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®4 / PlayStation®5
Release Date: 27 April 2023
PlayStation®4:USD29.99 /238 HKD 
PlayStation®5:USD29.99 /238 HKD 
Nintendo Switch™:USD29.99 /238 HKD 
Rating: 輔12級
Subtitle:English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

DREDGE © Black Salt Games Limited, Published under license by Team17 Digital Limited. Team 17 is a registered trademark of Team 17 Digital limited. All other trademarks, copyrights and logos are property of their respective owners. Published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and Asia.

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