Magical Narrative Puzzle Adventure Game "Tin Hearts" Development Team Share the Story Behind the Creation of Tin Hearts

[Hong Kong, 12 May 2023 ] Game Source Entertainment (Hong Kong, hereinafter referred to as GSE) is pleased to announce that "Tin Hearts", an immersive narrative puzzle adventure game from development team Rogue Sun, will be available on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, and Nintendo Switch™, scheduled for release in 2023 and will be published by GSE. What kind of game is "Tin Hearts"? The game development team, Rogue Sun, will reveal the fascinating story behind the tin soldiers and magical world.

The Origin of Tin Hearts

According to the game's Creative Director, Kostas Zarifis, Tin Hearts project actually began when the game development team, Rogue Sun, was founded in 2016. “At the time we were actually looking to do kind of a small game to test ourselves as a new studio and  test the waters of VR as well. Tin Hearts started as a VR project, during those early days of prototyping. We discovered that having gameplay come to you as opposed to you kind of going out to the game, especially given the issues around kind of locomotion and moving around in big environments. We're like, okay well what if we keep the environment small, and bring the game to you.”

Kostas Zarifis has always been passionate about puzzle games. He believes that through challenging puzzles, he can better enjoy the fun of the game. “Lemmings is kind of a classic. I feel it hasn't really been explored in a long time. When we first started trying to brainstorm what we're going to do as a new team. It felt like an opportunity to explore this type of gameplay.”


Little Tin Soldier reinterprets the classic game Lemmings

At first glance, the premise of the game seems simple, but as the mechanics are introduced, they complement each other seamlessly. In one level, you might interact with a certain mechanic in a certain way, but as soon as another machine is added, you must then see everything from a different perspective, taking into account all the things you've previously learned.

Senior producer Chris Brooks said, “There's a group of soldiers. They follow each other. It's very Lemmings-like in that aspect, but this game also has a much broader scope, it's 3D, you're exploring Albert's house in this Victorian setting. We have a huge range of  different machines and inventions and toys that you unlock as you play, and it's really about the interactions between all these mechanics in the  puzzles that evolve your thinking and evolve  the way that you're playing as you progress.”


“Gameplay wise its all about the toys. It's about what you can do with the inventions that Albert makes.”  The  Designer team members said. “We use the term Rube Goldberg a lot, where you use one toy, to activate another toy, to activate another toy and it just creates this wonderful chain reaction.” Every Single level builds on every previous one. Every two or three levels there is a new mechanic, a new feature, a new ghostly power, a new machine to work with, so it never really gets boring. 

A Victorian era with magic and steampunk style

The art of Tin Hearts is a Victorian age, like an alternative Victorian age and everything is made like it's made for the world of Tin Hearts. It has a very bespoke feel to it. Realistic proportions but with an illustration-style layer on top of it and everything is very hand-painted. Like it wouldn't exist in the outside world of Tin Hearts, so it's a lot more kind of immersive. Everything is like Toy Story with a Sprinkle of Magic on top of it.

“The sort of setting for the game I'd like to  say it's an alternative kind of Victorian, kind of Steampunk world, because obviously there's a lot  of kind of magic and Contraptions that wouldn't necessarily work in a realistic setting.”Kostas Zarifis said. “It sort of expanded out of the main character, the toy soldier. It just felt right, the mechanics that  we wanted to explore, the story that we wanted to explore, the Victorian setting. Just made a lot of sense. And again kind of nod to the Britishness of the studio. We wanted to have that sort of character there as well.”



■Title: Tin Hearts

■Available Platforms: Nintendo Switch™/ PlayStation®4/ PlayStation®5

■Release date: 2023


PlayStation®4: 29.99USD /238 HKD

PlayStation®5: 29.99USD /238 HKD

Nintendo Switch™: 34.99USD /298 HKD

PlayStation®4 (Digital): 29.99USD /238 HKD

PlayStation®5 (Digital): 29.99USD /238 HKD

Nintendo Switch™ (Digital): 29.99USD /238 HKD

■Genre: Immersive Narrative Puzzle Adventure Game

■Number of players: 1 player

■Subtitle:English / Japanese / Korean / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese


■Developer: Rogue Sun



© 2023 Rogue Sun Ltd. Published by Wired Productions Ltd and developed by Rogue Sun Ltd. Tin Hearts and Tin Hearts logo are trademarks of Rogue Sun Ltd. All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and Asia.


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