Set in a series of unsolved murders that actually occurred in London Whitechapel in the late 19th century! “Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey”Digital Edition coming in 2023

[2023年5月31日, 香港] Game Source Entertainment (GSE)  is pleased to announce that the digital edition of the selecting adventure game "Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey", developed by Salix Games, is coming to PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ platforms, scheduled to be released in 2023, published by GSE. Let’s solve the unsolved murder which actually occurred in the White Chapel District of London in the end of the 19th century with your action and judgement on the game! 

London, 1888: The people of Whitechapel live under the ghastly shadow of Jack the Ripper, tempting Arthurian legends - Du Lac & Fey - back to English shores to intervene. Will they stop Jack before more blood is spilt on the cobbled streets? Victorian London awaits you…

"Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey" is a unique narrative-driven adventure game developed by the British  independent game studio Salix Games. The game is adapted from real cases and locations, featuring multiple branching storylines and plotted by Philip Huxley, writer on Batman: Arkham Knight.

In this game, you will control three playable characters and enter the mysterious city of 19th century London to investigate the infamous Jack the Ripper case. Players will become immortal hero Sir Lancelot, the cursed sorceress Morgana Le Fey, and explore the darkest corners of London while pursuing this bloodthirsty serial killer. You will also join forces with Whitechapel local, Mary Jane Kelly, to successfully apprehend the Ripper. You will encounter a variety of characters who will take you to different corners of London, explore its Victorian era features, experience the bustling atmosphere, and immerse yourself in all the vivid details of the time.

This is a mysterious adventure journey where you will delve deep into the dark side of London, travel through the shadowy and mysterious areas of the British capital, and uncover the truth behind the Jack the Ripper! Whether you are an adventurous player or an explorer who enjoys solving puzzles and reasoning, this game will provide you with a thrilling and exciting gaming experience.

■ Title: Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey
■ Available Platforms: PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™ 
■ Release date: 2023
■ Price: HKD $128/USD $15.99
■ Genre: Selecting adventure
■ Number of players: 1 player
■ Developer: Salix Games
■ CERO: IARC 16+
■ Copyright: ©2023 SALIX GAMES LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and Asia.


■ About Game Source Entertainment

Based in Hong Kong, Game Source Entertainment is a distributor and trading company in the Asian region.
Game Source Entertainment is a Hong Kong-based Asian publisher and distributor of over 100 titles for
the PlayStation(R) 4, Nintendo Switch(TM), Xbox One and previous generation console platforms.

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