Introducing the Gameplay of "Little Friends: Puppy Island" Beginner's guide to taking care of your furry friends!

[Hong Kong, 1 June 2023] Game Source Entertainment (Hong Kong, hereinafter referred to as GSE) is pleased to announce that –  Little Friends: Puppy Island, the labra-dorable next game in the best-selling Little Friends series, is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ system this summer on 29th June! Before becoming friends with puppies, are you ready to take care of them? Today, we will introduce you to the basics of taking care of puppies, to ensure that these furry friends have a happy and loving home!

Name Your New Friend
There's a new member in the family! Before welcoming your new puppy home, get closer by giving them a great name right away.

Getting Clean in the Bubble Bath! 
Running around all the time can leave your furry friend covered in mud, making it hard to even see their original fur colour! Luckily, there's a bubble bath in the backyard that your puppy can soak in while you scrub them clean with a brush. Be sure to freshen them up and pamper them regularly! 

Chow Down on Delicious Food! 
After a long walk, head over to the feeding area to cool off with some water and fill up your puppy's belly to restore their energy! You can choose between dry and wet food, ensuring a balanced and nutritious meal that your furry friend won't get tired of !!

Dress Up as the Most Charming Pup
Stand in front of the mirror in the backyard and transform into the most stylish puppy ever! As you progress in the game you can build shops for your furry friend which sell a variety of uniquely designed toys, clothes, and accessories! Be sure to stock up on the island’s unique bone currency and go on a shopping spree!  Every time you expand the island and attract new visitors, , the store will stock up on even more amazing outfits and toys for you to choose from!

Play Games with your Furry Friends
Bring your puppy some joy by playing with them! Grab a toy and give it your all when throwing it - your dog will come running, jump to catch it, and then bring it back to you wagging its tail! Not only does your pup have fun,  but it also helps improve their agility! Frisbees are also a popular toy among dogs, so head to the Frisbee park to play with your furry companion.

Recall Warm and Happy Memories
There's a memory board in the courtyard with a cute paw-shaped map of the island. The board displays important moments, various discoveries, and achievements you've accomplished while adventuring on this island with your dogs, carrying all the warm moments you've shared with them.

Handle all Tasks with your Smartphone
You don't have to worry about getting lost on the island because the game provides you with a fully functional smartphone right from the start! . Just press the icon with a little house and you can quickly return home! You can also use the phone to check each dog's attributes, status, job opportunities, main tasks, and more. We'll introduce more detailed features later, so don't miss out!

Players need to pay close attention to their dogs and ensure they live in the healthiest and most energetic state possible! The status include the following four parts:

*Please note that the display data may differ on different gaming platforms.

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Product Information

■Title: 《Little Friends: Puppy Island》
■Available Platforms: Nintendo Switch™
■Release date: 29th June 2023
■Price: USD $29.99 /HKD $238 / NTD $990
■Genre: Pet Simulation / Adventure
■Number of players: 1 player
■Subtitle:EFIGS, KR, JP, SC, TC, PT-BR
■Developer: Big Blue Bubble
■Copyright:Little Friends: Puppy Island © 2023 Sold Out Sales and Marketing Ltd. Published by Sold Out Sales and Marketing Ltd. trading as Fireshine Games. Developed by Big Blue Bubble Inc. Published by Game Source Entertainment in Asia.

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