Come and Enjoy An Exciting Afro-Caribbean Adventure! An Introduction to Point-and-click Adventure game "The Journey Down Trilogy"'s Features

[2023年6月7日, 香港] Game Source Entertainment (GSE)  is pleased to announce that the point-and-click adventure game "The Journey Down Trilogy", developed by independent game development team SkyGoblin, is coming to PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ platforms.  In collaboration with the Spanish independent game publisher BlitWorks Games, GSE will release the digital edition of The Journey Down Trilogy for the first time in the Asian market. "The Journey Down Trilogy" features a unique Afro-Caribbean style, a large cast of delightful characters and an intense plot to bring you a climactic adventure.  This time, we will bring you more information about the game and reveal the unique features of this adventure game.

Tracing the whereabouts of a missing father
In the bustling metropolis of St. Armando, Bwana and his companions Kito and Lina start their journey to  track down their missing father and find the mysterious Underland. Along the way, they discover that there may be a massive conspiracy behind the disappearance of their foster father. Follow Bwana and Kito on their journey to discover their father's whereabouts, avoid danger and pursuit, and discover the truth.


A point-and-click adventure is both novel and classic
"The Journey Down Trilogy" retains the classic gameplay of a point-and-click adventure game where players move their cursor to manipulate characters, solve puzzles and interact with other characters. At the same time, the team has put a lot of thought into the scenery design, which allows you to interact with objects in the area by clicking on them, such as opening electric boxes and pulling the control stick, making the handpainted scenes even more vivid and interesting.

An African-Caribbean style Adventure
"The Journey Down Trilogy" applies a handpainted art style that incorporates African and Caribbean influences in its character modelling, objects and colours. Players can enjoy the scenery created by the game's production team while solving puzzles.

Original Jazz-Reggae soundtrack
Apart from the plot and art style, the game's soundtrack is also outstanding. "The Journey Down Trilogy" is set to a light-hearted, jazz-influenced reggae soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere of the adventure.

Slapstick Humor and Full English dubbing
In addition to the unique African-Caribbean atmosphere and original soundtrack, the slapstick humor of the game characters has also become a source of enjoyment, filling every corner with humor and optimism! All the characters are dubbed, from the animations to the dialogue and even the protagonist's own ramblings. Each character's emotive and heartfelt voices are exquisitely interpreted, making the player feel as if they were there and adding to the sense of involvement.

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Product Information


■Available Platforms:  Nintendo Switch™️ / PlayStation®4 (Digital Only)
■Release date: Within 2023
[Nintendo Switch (Digital) ] USD $39.99 /HKD $318
[PS4 (Digital) ]USD $44.99 /HKD $358 
■Genre: Point-and-click adventure 
■Number of players: 1 player
■Subtitle:English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese
■Publisher: Game Source Entertainment
■Developer: SkyGoblin
■Copyright:© SKYGOBLIN, 2023 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and Asia in partnership with BlitWorks Games.

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