More Gameplay Introduction of "Little Friends: Puppy Island" Embark on a journey to explore the island and become a master trainer!

[Hong Kong, 16 June 2023] Game Source Entertainment (Hong Kong, hereinafter referred to as GSE) is pleased to announce that –  Little Friends: Puppy Island, the labra-dorable next game in the best-selling Little Friends series, is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ system this summer on 29th June! Once you've learned how to take care of your puppies , it's time to head out for some adventures! Today, we'll teach you how to start with taking your pup for a walk and gradually become a master at training!

Little Friends: Puppy Island Chinese Official Trailer(30s):

Let's go on an adventure! 

Head out with your pup and explore the many areas around  the island! Enjoy  lots of  beautiful scenery along the way, including sandy beaches, snowy mountains, and even cherry blossom sanctuaries and puppy schools! During your walk, train your puppy's abilities while discovering unexpected surprises!

【1】Is there treasure hidden underground?

Now and then your pup will pick up a scent and get  excited! Maybe there's something unexpected buried underground? Get closer to the glowing spot and let your dog start digging - you might get some bone currency or even a surprise gift! 

【2】Give your pups some obedience training! 

During the walk, you may come across a squirrel rustling  in the bushes, making your puppy eager to bark and pounce. This is the best time to train obedience!. Don't forget to praise your pup for good behaviour.

【3】Remove obstacles and become an adventurer!

What if your path is blocked by obstacles, preventing your puppy from moving forward? Complete the cute pixel mini-games, guide your puppy to jump over, avoid, or perform other actions, and smoothly pass the obstacles ahead!

【4】Meet new friends on the road! 

You might spot new furry friends  on your adventures and try to make friends with them! Encourage your pup to approach the new buddy cautiously, but beware of making any sudden movements that might startle them away. Once you become friends, bring them back home for a nice bath, and you might discover a whole new side of your new puppy pal!

When completing different tasks during a walk, the following abilities of the puppies  can be improved:


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Product Information

■Title: 《Little Friends: Puppy Island》
■Available Platforms: Nintendo Switch™
■Release date: 29th June 2023
■Price: USD $29.99 /HKD $238 / NTD $990
■Genre: Pet Simulation / Adventure
■Number of players: 1 player
■Subtitle:EFIGS, KR, JP, SC, TC, PT-BR
■Developer: Big Blue Bubble
■Copyright:Little Friends: Puppy Island © 2023 Sold Out Sales and Marketing Ltd. Published by Sold Out Sales and Marketing Ltd. trading as Fireshine Games. Developed by Big Blue Bubble Inc. Published by Game Source Entertainment in Asia.

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