Couch Co-op Game "Moving Out 2" Comback! More levels, characters, and gameplay…Move Now!

[Hong Kong, 10 July 2023 ] Game Source Entertainment (Hong Kong, hereinafter referred to as GSE) is pleased to announce, the physics-based moving simulator Moving Out 2, developed by SMG Studio and DevM Games, is coming to the Nintendo Switch™,  PlayStation®4 and  PlayStation®5 systems in the Asian market this year on 15th August. Moving Out 2  brings surprises to all Moving Out fans! In addition to adding nearly double the number of levels, over 50 old friends and new colleagues, there are also more challenging gameplay mechanics and items!

Smooth Moves gets a major upgrade with more new challenges and new friends!


The number of levels keeps on "moving" up!
Moving Out 2 will feature 56 base levels and 20 high-difficulty arcade mode levels, nearly doubling the total number compared to the previous one! You will encounter a host of brand new challenges, requiring not only moving skills but also patience when dealing with "helpful" teammates.

Meet 51 adorable new colleagues! 

It's time to meet the new team! In addition to the“Fab 5” old friends: Mel, Sidney, Rye Yu, Nim, and Steve, Moving Out 2  introduces over 40 coworkers, making a total of 51 playable characters! Completing level objectives will also unlock new outfits, adding even more fun to the moving experience.

Connect and play with even more friends!
Moving Out 2 supports local, online, and cross-platform play. Distance is no longer an issue, whether you're far apart or using different gaming platforms, you can invite friends to move together! (But we can't guarantee to not undermine the friendship between you and your friends!)

New gameplay mechanics and items that are full of excitement! 

Prepare to be amazed! In Moving Out 2,  you'll encounter moving levels where packages are flying around, moving walls that can become obstacles, or portals that can transport movers to hidden areas! And of course, there's a whole range of new items too, including the destructive wrecking ball, the helpful Slingshot, and drones for transportation or demolitions. There are more new features waiting for you to discover!


*The above game visuals and screenshots are for reference only.


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Product Information


■Title: 《Moving Out 2》

■Available Platforms: Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation 4 ® / PlayStation 5 ®

■Release date: 15 August 2023

PlayStation 4 ® / PlayStation 5 ®: USD $34.99 /HKD $278 

Nintendo Switch™:  USD $44.99 /HKD $358 

■Genre: co-op moving simulator 

■Number of players: 

Online : 1-4(support cross-platform play)

Offline: 1-4

■Subtitle:English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese,

Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

■Publisher: Game Source Entertainment

■Developer: SMG Studio, Devm Games

■CERO: 6+

■Copyright:© SMG Studio PTY Ltd & DEVM Games, published under licence by TEAM17 Digital Limited. Published by Fireshine Games."Fireshine Games" is a trademark of Sold Out Sales & Marketing Limited. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and Asia.

Purchase Now: https://www.hktvmall.com/p/H9485001_S_4580694043461 (NS)

https://www.hktvmall.com/p/H9485001_S_4580694043447 (PS4)

https://www.hktvmall.com/p/H9485001_S_4580694043454 (PS5)

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