Venture into the craziest parking lot on earth Racing game "You Suck at Parking" thrilling courses!

[Hong Kong, 14 July2023] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is excited to announce the upcoming racing game You Suck at Parking. Developed by Belgium creative game studio Happy Volcano, it will be launched on PlayStation®️4, PlayStation®️5, and Nintendo Switch™ platforms in 1st August 2023, and published by Game Source Entertainment. This time, we will introduce our new equipment along the tracks. Some obstacles threaten the safety of drivers, and are such a pain in the neck every time you encounter them; however, some pieces of equipment can help you reach the goal if you make good use of them. While avoiding dangerous obstacles, use powerful devices to reach the parking lot!

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In some levels, there are mines all over the track, where your car will be blown to pieces immediately if you accidentally hit one. If this happens, the player must return to the starting point and drive another car to restart the challenge. Fortunately, once the mines explode, they will disappear. Depending on the situation, sacrificing several cars for mine clearance may also be a good way to go.



Magnets have a strong magnetic force that can suck cars away. Therefore, when you see a magnet in the track, remember to drive carefully, or your car will be sucked off the track!



In contrast to the magnets, the fan will blow cars off the track with its gusts of wind. The fan is a big obstacle for drivers, but depending on the level, they may need to use it to fly across the track. When you see a fan, do you want to stay away from it, or do you want to follow the wind? It's up to each player.


Other cars

In reality, cars can get stuck in traffic jams, and the same is true in the game. In some levels, there will be a large number of cars running on the track with the player's car. However, even if they collide with these cars, the player will not die. Still, it is better to avoid them and avoid being squeezed by other cars.



Police car

How can there be traffic lights on the craziest tracks on earth? However, no matter how long you wait, it will always light up red. If you are a law-abiding citizen in the game and stop at the light, you will be considered as failing to park. So, go through every red light on the road as much as you can! Of course, this does not mean that the player does not violate the traffic rules. When the player ignores the light, a police car will show up and start to chase the player. If caught, you lose the game. So hold on to your steering wheel, and use the gorgeous drifting technology to avoid the police chasing you.



Just drive over the acceleration device on the ground and your car will accelerate instantly, so you can feel the thrill of speeding! In addition, the acceleration device can also reduce the fuel consumption of the car. In some levels, players will face the dilemma of not having enough fuel to reach the parking lot. This is where the acceleration device can come in handy!


Punching machine

When the car touches the punching machine, it will throw a punch automatically! Like the fan, the punching machine is sometimes an obstacle and sometimes a . As for how to make good use of the devices on the map, it is up to each player to make that choice.


Fire guardrail

The guardrail is supposed to protect the safety of your vehicle, but the flaming red light of the fire guardrail can be a player's nightmare! Even a slight touch will make the car immediately explode, so you should not take it lightly.


* The PlayStation®️4, PlayStation®️5 and Nintendo Switch™ version of You Suck at Parking will all be released as Complete Edition.


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Product Information


Title:《You Suck at Parking》

Developer: Happy Volcano

Distributor: Game Source Entertainment

Genre: Vehicle parking simulation

Platform: Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®️4/ PlayStation®️5

Release Date:1 August 2023

Suggested Retail Price: 

PlayStation®4:238 HKD

PlayStation®5:238 HKD

Nintendo Switch™:238 HKD

Rating: General

Subtitle:English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

© 2019-2023 Happy Volcano BV. All rights reserved. All trademarks, logos and copyrights are

property of their respective owners. Published by Fireshine Games. "Fireshine Games" is a trademark

of Sold Out Sales & Marketing Limited. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment in

Japan and Asia.

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