‘My Time at Sandrock' Reveals Story Setting and First Trailer is Now Available! Travel to the Desert Community and Embark on an exploration journey!

[Hong Kong, 17 October 2023] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is excited to announce that "My Time at Sandrock," the latest official sequel to the life-sim RPG game "My Time at Portia," which has sold over 3.1 million copies worldwide and developed by Pathea Games, is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®5 platforms in November 2023! How did a once bustling and vibrant place turn into a desert town on the brink of extinction? Today, we will narrate the story of Sandrock for you!

《My Time at Sandrock》Promotion Trailer「Shape the Future」:


Once a place of great splendour and legendary existence - the origin of "Sandrock"
Around 71 Years ago , a caravan crossing the Eufaula Desert to get from Atara to Highwind stopped at an oasis to rest for the night. The oasis was beautiful, full of plants, fruits, and strange animals. A young woman within the caravan named Martle was so fascinated by the environment that she decided to stay.

She built a rest station called Hotel Sandrock; that’s how the city-state got its name. She only had one rule: everybody can enjoy the oasis, but everybody also had to respect it.


At first, only a few people came to Sandrock to help with the rest station. Then, the trade between Atara and Highwind was starting to boom, so there was some money to be made from all the caravans passing through. But there really wasn’t anything else there to attract people to the newly formed town other than a pretty oasis and a small forest; certainly not something people from Atara or Highwind lacked. Things started changing in Sandrock during the first war with Duvos, a mining company surveyed the area and discovered that Sandrock was lying right on top of an Old World metropolis full of useful relics and power stones. That’s when the ‘gold rush’ started.

Become the new builder and save the town!
Many prospecting companies came with their ruin divers and set up shop in town, desperate for any relics that could help with the war effort. The company employees didn’t much follow Martle’s rule of the land. They pumped water directly from the oasis to cool their machines, cut down trees en masse to build their houses, and hunted down the wild animals to open ranches and feed the many mouths the boom had brought.Within five years, Sandrock had industrialised beyond recognition. The old forest was gone; the oasis was polluted; its bright colours had paled; and Sandrock’s population multiplied to uncomfortably bustling numbers.


Successive leaders of Sandrock have tried to reverse the ecological damage and make the oasis livable again, but the situation seems to just be getting worse and worse.  Sandrock sincerely and urgently invites you to become the new builder to restore the community to its former glory!

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Product Information

Title:《My Time at Sandrock》

Developer: Pathea Games

Distributor: Game Source Entertainment

Genre: Adventure RPG

Platform: Nintendo Switch™/PlayStation®5 

Release Date:November 2023

Suggested Retail Price:
【Physical/Digital】  HKD $238

Rating: 12+

Subtitle:English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Japanese / Korean / French / German / Italian / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish
Audio: English / Chinese

©2023 My Time at Sandrock, a game developed by Pathea Games. Published by PM Studios,

Inc. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment in Asia.


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