‘My Time at Sandrock' Release Date Revealed! Assist in Rebuilding the Community and Restore its Former Glory!

[Mainland China&Hong Kong, 25 October 2023] Pathea Games, Game Source Entertainment (GSE), Focus Entertainment, PM Studio, and DMM jointly announce "My Time at Sandrock", the latest official sequel to the life-sim RPG game "My Time at Portia", which has sold over 3.1 million copies worldwide and developed by Pathea Games, is set to be available on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®5, Xbox, Steam, WeGame, Epic Games Store, and Bilibili Game Store. The Asian console digital version, published by GSE will be available on November 2, 2023, alongside other platforms. The physical edition for Asia is scheduled for release on November 23, 2023. Ahead of the official release of "My Time at Sandrock", players can explore the latest game demo and features in a new trailer. As a newcomer to the role of a builder, let's take a look at what you can do in this community!

《My Time at Sandrock》Game Trailer:

Under the determined efforts of the builders, the once withering town adjacent to the desert has once again sprung to life. When embarking on the train journey to Sandrock, the builders likely did not anticipate the multitude of trials and tribulations that lay ahead. However, this expedition, though filled with unexpected challenges, was not without its pleasant surprises. Through collective endeavours with the town's residents, builders eventually secured a warm abode of their own, erected a verdant bulwark against the desert's winds, and gained honour, friendship, and even love within the small town. As the main storyline spanning over 100 hours came to a close, builders and Sandrock's tale found a satisfying end.

According to the developers, "My Time at Sandrock", released in comparison to its predecessor "My Time at Portia" from 2018, exhibits significant advancements in its art, animation, and narrative richness. In terms of the number of main storyline missions in single-player mode, "My Time at Sandrock" boasts a staggering 3.2 times more missions than "My Time at Portia". Moreover, the word count in the main storyline is an impressive 5.82 times that of "My Time at Portia". Players can expect a more elaborate and nuanced main storyline experience.

Furthermore, the post-launch addition of a multiplayer online mode greatly enriches the gameplay of "My Time at Sandrock". Players can team up to enjoy unique gameplay, distinct from the single-player mode. In this mode, they can collaborate with friends to construct towns and cultivate lands. Amidst all the construction and development, don't forget to take a break and enjoy a leisurely game of Sichuan Mahjong with friends in town, savouring the relaxed small town life.

What's particularly commendable is that, in contrast to its predecessor "My Time at Portia", "My Time at Sandrock" offers significantly more content, yet it maintains the same price point as its predecessor at 98 RMB. This "more for the same price" approach is truly appreciated, and it's worth noting that this decision reflects the developers' consideration of the current economic conditions in the domestic market. In their previous development blogs, the team stated that the global standard price would be $39.99, $10 higher than "My Time at Portia." However, for the Chinese market, they decided to keep the price of the PC version at 98 RMB, the same as "My Time at Portia." This gesture demonstrates their commitment to their Chinese players and is indeed well-received.

As of the time of this article's publication, "My Time at Sandrock" has garnered a "Very Positive" rating on Steam, with over 12,000 reviews and an 86% approval rate. With the upcoming releases of the game on Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®5, this series promises to deliver even more surprises. We eagerly anticipate what lies ahead and look forward to what the series has in store for us.

Game Features
Immerse Yourself in a Captivating Tale

300 years ago, an unprecedented disaster devastated human civilization, plunging the entire world into darkness. However, the spark of civilization did not extinguish, and today, humanity has gradually built its new home on the ruins. Diligent explorers have established a small town next to the Eufaula Desert, and named it "Sandrock", where the story of "My Time at Sandrock" begins.

Like other cities within the Alliance of Free Cities, Sandrock is in dire need of builder's skill and ingenuity. The workshop's furnaces burn day and night, and you must put your talents to work, crafting various tools to assist the townsfolk, and sometimes even making house calls for installations. As such a prominent builder, there's no doubt that you will become a star in this desert town. In the PC Early Access version, you can get acquainted with nearly 40 new NPCs and embark on over 100 side quests. As the game progresses, you can gradually expand and enhance your workshop, fostering deep connections with the local residents along the way.


Freedom to develop your own career and explore the world!

As a new workshop owner in Sandrock, you can choose your career path based on preferences! For those who enjoy social interactions, you can be friends with the townsfolk, and become a Socialite. You can also stay in the workshop to hone crafting skills and become a Craft Master. If you are seeking a pastoral way of life, you can live in the countryside to explore farming knowledge. Explore exotic creatures and desert mounts from vibrant towns to mysterious deserts!

Let's try our hand at farming in the desert this time!

"My Time at Sandrock" with its distinctive desert farming system is a must-play farming game that breaks away from the mundane planting box systems seen in other games. The developers delved deep into the vast northwest desert regions of our country, conducting on-site research on desertification control. In the game, the tools you use for planting, like the "Straw Grid", are inspired by the valuable insights gained from the practices of China's desert prevention heroes. This time, you can turn desolate deserts into fertile lands, and players worldwide will get to know the remarkable achievements of China in the field of desertification control and sand dune fixation.

Fire up the machines and establish your own workshop!
Once you've become familiar with the builder's operations, why not take on some orders from the residents of Sandrock? Get those machines running and produce essential everyday items for everyone. As you progress in the game, you'll gradually unlock more blueprints, allowing you to assemble various components, metal sheets, and copper pipes into intricate structures, buildings, and even a water tower to meet the entire town's water needs. I'm certain you'll derive a strong sense of pride and satisfaction from these accomplishments.

Unearth the truth beneath the sand!
While you may spend much of your time in the workshop, don't let your skills go to waste. Strap on your gear and embark on expeditions to explore the buried ruins beneath the desert, uncovering the long-forgotten history of Sandrock.

Grab your versatile pickaxe and search for production materials hidden beneath the rock layers and yellow sands. Investigate ancient technologies and artefacts left behind from bygone eras. If your adventurous spirit remains unsated, you can even venture into perilous ruins infested with monsters. Utilise the newly introduced ARPG-style combat system in "My Time at Sandrock" to engage in life-and-death battles with them. Whether you lean toward firearms or melee weapons, this time, you'll find a unique thrill in the heat of combat.

Lastly, don't forget to savour your time in Sandrock!
After fulfilling orders for the townsfolk, it's time to enjoy the leisurely existence in the desert town. Currently, there are nearly 40 permanent residents in town, and as the story progresses and you, as the builder, contribute to the development of Sandrock, more and more residents will join this big family.

Chat with them, get to know the background stories of these lovable NPCs, exchange gifts, forge friendships – and who knows, you might even develop a unique romantic relationship with one of them and find happiness together.

And, of course, don't forget to treat yourself well by sprucing up your home next to the workshop. Through crafting or purchasing a variety of furniture and decorations, along with engaging in the architectural store's renovation projects and letting your imagination run wild, you can transform your house into the most beautiful sight in Sandrock.

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Product Information

Title:《My Time at Sandrock》

Developer: Pathea Games

Distributor: Game Source Entertainment

Genre: Adventure RPG

Platform: Nintendo Switch™/PlayStation®5 

Release Date:
【Digital】2 November 2023
【Physical】23 November 2023

Suggested Retail Price:
【Physical/Digital】  HKD $238

Rating: 12+

Subtitle:English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Japanese / Korean / French / German / Italian / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish
Audio: English / Chinese

©2023 My Time at Sandrock, a game developed by Pathea Games. Published by PM Studios,

Inc. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment in Asia.


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