The FPP Slasher Sequel ‘Ghostrunner 2’ is BACK! Asia Physical Version Coming Soon to PlayStation®5 in 13 December 2023

[Hong Kong, XXXXX 2023] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is excited to announce that the Asia Physical Version of immersive FPP slasher "Ghostrunner 2", developed by One More Level , is scheduled for release on the PlayStation®5 platforms in 13 December 2023! The story is set one year after the events of "Ghostrunner". With the brand new progression system, level designs, and gameplay mechanics, it further enhances the player's combat experience. Get ready to journey through the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future, confront the violent AI cult and fight your way to victory!

Ghostrunner 2 is an intense and immersive action experience that builds on the fast-paced action from Ghostrunner, where you'll have to slash your way through enemies while avoiding taking any damage to reach your goal.

Story set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future, a violent AI cult has taken shape inside Dharma Tower - the last refuge of humanity - following the fall of the previous tyrant ruler, the Keymaster. Jack, the Cyber Ninja,  is back to take on the violent AI cult that has assembled outside Dharma Tower and shape the future of humanity.

Game features
Updated gameplay experience makes you become The Ultimate Cyber Ninja!
Ghostrunner 2 introduces a new player progression system, providing opportunities to experiment and customise gameplay. And you won't just be relying on your augmented legs to get around - some levels feature motorbike sections to add even more variety.

Immersive and Versatile level design
Master the Cybervoid if you hope to survive. Take on challenging, new enemies as you traverse interactive environments including exploding barrels, destructible walls, helpful neutral entities, and countless improvements that keep combat exciting and fresh. Can’t get enough? Dive even deeper into the lore and plot with the new dialogue system.

New enemy encounters and start intense slashing battles
Ghostrunner 2 introduces new skills, allowing players to be more creative and take on even the most demanding encounters with greater accessibility. However, enemies in Ghostrunner 2 behave uniquely dependent on the skills used against them, providing a fresh challenge with each encounter. Boss fights are more interactive, giving you the freedom to choose how to survive battles against the most formidable opponents.

Sounds of the Cybervoid
Save humanity in style as you decimate your opponents while listening to the captivating synthwave soundtrack featuring new music from Daniel Deluxe, We Are Magonia, Gost, Dan Terminus, and Arek Reikowski.

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Product Information

Title:Ghostrunner 2 
Developer: One More Level
Global Distributor:505 Games
Asia Distributor: Game Source Entertainment
Genre: Cyberpunk Action
Platform: PlayStation®5 
Release Date:13 December 2023
Suggested Retail Price:HKD $308
Rating: 18+
Subtitle:English / French / German / Spanish / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Polish / Russian / Brazilian-Portuguese / Japanese / Korean

© 2023 505 Games. Developed by „One More Level” S.A. Licensed by 505 Games and published by Game Source Entertainment in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Japan. Ghostrunner is a trademark of 505 Games SpA. 505 Games and the 505 Games logo are trademarks of 505 Games SpA. All other marks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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