Officially launching on Nintendo Switch™ and STEAM within 2024 BL Dating Sim Game "Voice Love on Air" is launching 14th March on Steam!Unveils OP and Price with launch discount

[Hong Kong, 11 March 2024] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is delighted to announce the BL Dating Sim Game Voice Love On Air which centred on voice recording sessions for Radio Dramas, developed by SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT and globally distributed by GSE, is scheduled to launch on PC via Steam on 14th March 2024, and with plans for launching a Nintendo Switch™ version within this year.
Opening Movie "I wanna hear your voice" and the pricing for STEAM version have now been officially revealed.

Voice Love On Air Opening Movie "I wanna hear your voice":

BL dating simulation game Voice Love On Air will be officially released on STEAM on March 14th. The regular price is HKD 187 (NTD498), with a launch discount of 10% off lasting for 14 days. The digital deluxe edition is also available simultaneously, including a digital art book and 15 digital original soundtracks.

Opening song "I wanna hear your voice" was released on 7th March, created by SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT record producer, Rizet Tsen(曾志豪) and vocal by Shawn Christmas. In the OP video, all the game characters make their appearances, while also showcasing some CG scenes from the official game content.

The demo of Voice Love On Air was released on Steam on 29th February and received numerous positive reviews from players. In addition, the official version will include a new "Freely Match" system, allowing players to review their recorded radio dramas and create new combinations for re-recording.

About Voice Love On Air
Voice Love On Air is a business and dating simulation game.  Players take on control of the protagonist Aki, managing a recording studio by producing various radio drama projects, releasing more works, and earning money to sustain the operation of the recording studio.

Within the game, there is a rich variety of radio drama genres available for recording, including Urban, School, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Read to Sleep, and more. Each combination results in a unique way, offering a fresh new novel auditory delight experience for all players. As a director coordinating with actors, Aki, in addition to recording dramas, can also venture out to Meet up with different characters. He can invite them to specific locations for dates in order to enhance relationships, and customised special radio drama works for them.

As the bond between Aki and his love interest deepens, players will unveil new storylines consistently. In the game's span of two years, will Aki prioritise becoming a famous voice director? Or does he choose to start a romantic relationship with someone?

Game Feature

YAORA Official Website and Fanpage
GSE has officially launched a new brand for BL games, YAORA.We are committed to collaborating with various developers to contribute to the cultural localization of BL games in the future. We have established a brand-new social platform including Facebook and Instagram. Regular updates featuring the latest news, photos, story introduction, and other relevant information about BL games will be shared. Additionally, we hope to provide a platform for players to engage in discussions, allowing BL lovers to share their gaming experiences and thoughts.

「YAORA」Facebook page:Yaora~bl遊戲情報站 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61550070271286

Official flagship store landed on HKTVmall!
GSE's official flagship store has landed on the HKTVmall website and mobile application! The store offers a wide range of Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation® physical games exclusively distributed by GSE, Xbox Series game consoles, various game accessories, and gaming peripherals. Customers can also pre-order upcoming new games on HKTVmall, enjoying the most comprehensive, convenient, and fast shopping experience. The HKTVmall flagship store will launch exclusive promotions from time to time, including discounts and surprise gifts. Please stay tuned to GSE's official Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!

Product Information
Title:Voice Love On Air 
Global Publisher:Game Source Entertainment
Genre: BL Dating Sim Game
Platform: Nintendo Switch™/Steam
Planned release date:
【STEAM】14th March 2024
【Nintendo Switch™】within 2024
Suggested Retail Price:
【STEAM】HKD 187/NTD 498
【Nintendo Switch™】TBC
Rating: TBC
Subtitle:English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Japanese

©2024 SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC. All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment. 

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