Story and Worldview of “Dragon Star Varnir”

Game Source Entertainment (GSE) has announced that “Dragon Star Varnir”, a popular Game made by Compile Heart, a brand owned by famous Japanese game company Idea Factory, will be available on the Nintendo Switch™ platform on August 05. The game is also publishing in Asia and Korea. Today we focused on telling its story and worldview, hoping that everyone can have a deeper understanding of the game's background.

From a hunting witches to be a member of the witches

龍星的瓦爾尼爾, Dragon Star Varnir, Nintendo Switch, Game Source Entertainment, GSE, 龍星的瓦爾尼爾, Dragon Star Varnir, Nintendo Switch, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,
The world "Varneria" with a huge keel stands, spread to the world by the royal hall ruled by the Holy King, and the faith of the creator Holy Spirit "Varnir" builds the country on this basis

At the same time, the ferocious dragon that dominates the forest, the evil "Enemy of God", and the "Witches" with a dragon conceived in its belly, can freely control the powerful magical power, cast a shadow on the peace of the kingdom, so the establishment of "Requiem Knight" to destroy the witch.

The knight "Zephy", who was on the mission of hunting the witches, was attacked by a dragon and lost consciousness after walking away from the affiliated knights in the forest. Just before the fainting, he saw witches of "Minessa" and "Karikaro", who were going to be eliminated, came out to rescue himself.

Minessa rescued the unconscious Zephy with dragon blood. Zephy who regained consciousness knew that Minessa and Kalikaro want to rescue their companion "Laponette", who was captured by the Requium Knight. Therefore they were willing to save him.

Whether it was to save his life or to watch the changes, Zephy temporarily followed the instructions of the witches. Because of this, Zephy changed from a knight hunting witches to be a member of the witches, and the story of "Dragon Star Varnir" unfolded.

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龍星的瓦爾尼爾, Dragon Star Varnir, Nintendo Switch, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,


Dragon Bone World, Royal Hall and Witches interweave a unique worldview

The world view of "Dragon Star Varnir" is mainly composed of the dragon bone world "Varnenia", the Royal Hall and the Witches:

Varneria and Royal Hall
A vast world where huge dragon bones tower over the land. It is rich in nature and filled with forests, meadows, valleys and mountains. But the civilization is only equivalent to the level of medieval Europe.

In Varneria, the Royal Hall established by the supreme ruler Holy Emperor. However, the power of the royal and the royal hall does not cover the entire Vanenia, so this power belongs only to the "state" brought by the royal hall.

A witch, all of whom are born with the seed of a dragon residing in their womb, has the ability to harness the power of a dragon. She is constantly exposed to this great and terrible power, and her mind will succumb to it over time, driving her insane. 

The only way to stave off the madness is to consume dragon’s blood. This is a double-edged sword, however, because by consuming the blood of a dragon, the dragon she carries inside of her will grow, culminating in the dragon brutally eating its way out of the witch’s womb.

The witches almost greeted this moment at the age of 17. Even if they can devour the dragon and survive, the ending is still a despair: Either they were dominated by madness first, or the dragon would break out.

Witch's Den
A community of witches located in the depths of a remote forest. There used to be several dens but due to the tragedy that occurred a decade before, all other dens have been destroyed.

Since many witches were eaten by dragons or hunted and killed, less than ten witches remain alive in the entire world.

remain alive in the entire world

Product Info

龍星的瓦爾尼爾, Dragon Star Varnir, Nintendo Switch, Game Source Entertainment, GSE,

Title: Dragon Star Varnir
Developer: Compile Heart
Publisher (Asian Region): Game Source Entertainment
Genre: RPG
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Release Date: August 05, 2021
Suggested Price: 
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Korean
Copyrights: ©2021 IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment.

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