Brand New Black Comedy Slasher Adventure Game "Killer Frequency" is coming out this summer! Experience the 1980s like never before!

[Hong Kong, 20 July 2023 ] Game Source Entertainment (Hong Kong, hereinafter referred to as GSE) is pleased to announce, first-person black comedy slasher adventure adventure game Killer Frequency, developed by Team 17 Digital,  is coming to the PlayStation®5 and Nintendo Switch™ systems for the Asia market this summer on 6th July!As a black comedy slasher adventure game, what makes Killer Frequency special? Today, members of the game development and production team will share with you the highlights of this game and some behind-the-scenes production stories.

《Killer Frequency》Game Promotion Video(Chinese Version )30s:

Enjoy 80s music while taking calls to gather clues!
The core game system came down to this idea of taking a call, getting some information for the puzzle, playing a record, figuring out the puzzle and then solving the puzzle. Basically in the world outside the radio station, while music's playing, it's almost like time stands still. You can put a record on, explore to your heart's content, take any amount of time to come back, and then unpause the record and take the next part of the call.

Game designer Kev Carthew  mentioned that, "Once we were fairly happy with the idea that that's going to work, and bear in mind we had no time to make a prototype, we had to puzzle it out in our heads, talk about it, and then just hope that it worked in practice. We had to write it all in one week, because we knew that we'd need the next week for the voice recording, the audio design, and then getting all that into the game."

Immersive gameplay that sends shivers down your spine with just sound and imagination!

The setting and how we've derived gameplay specifically from the radio station setting. Players are  having to imagine what the world outside looks like through the context of the clues that they're given by the callers that call in, and that makes for some very challenging puzzle design for designers. Kev said, "But I think it makes for really unique puzzles for players. It feels like it stands out as a game that there just aren't too many similar examples of."

Nikki thinks Killer Frequency is unique in its design. It doesn't put you directly in the footsteps of the survivors themselves like a lot of games do. This game puts players in the footsteps of someone who is helping the survivors get away. Players kind of like the guy in the chair almost for these survivors, which is not a perspective that's ever really done for horror games or thrillers, because people like to put themselves in that situation, whereas this is a little bit different.


Nikki also said,  "but that doesn't mean that you don't get immersed, because suddenly you're responsible for the person on the other end of the phone who you might not know a heck of a lot about. You suddenly care about them just because of the way they've been introduced or the way they've been talking to you. I think that's a really interesting dynamic to have."


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Product Information


Title:《Killer Frequency》

Developer:Team17 Digital

Distributor:Game Source Entertainment 

Genre: Black Comedy Slasher Adventure

Number of Players:1

Platform: Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®️5

Release Date:6th July 2023

Suggested Retail Price:
PS5: USD $29.99/ HKD $238 

NSW:USD $39.99/ HKD $318 

Rating: CERO C

Subtitle:English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese




Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan, Korea and Asia.

Purchase Now: https://www.hktvmall.com/p/H9485001_S_4580694043492 (NS)

https://www.hktvmall.com/p/H9485001_S_4580694043485 (PS5)

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