Lead Your People to Conquer Darkness Beyond the Gates! Dark Fantasy Strategy Game “Gord” Coming to PlayStation®5 on 5th October 2023!

[Hong Kong, 16 June 2023] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is excited to announce the upcoming dark fantasy strategy game Gord, developed by Polish creative game developer team Covenant.dev which led by the producer of "The Witcher 3", will be launched on PlayStation®️5 in 5 October 2023, and published by Game Source Entertainment. In this Slavic folklore inspiration land, you will lead the populace of the Tribe of Dawn as they venture into forbidden lands, embark on exploration and adventure, construct settlements, and protect them from the onslaught of mysterious forces and terrifying monsters. Get ready to face the darkness threats together this fall !

In this dark fantasy world, the fate of the Tribe of Dawn rests entirely in your hands—

Gord is a single-player, dark fantasy strategy game inspired by Slavic folklore. In the world of Gord, you will lead the Tribe of Dawn as they strive to establish new settlements and explore eerie forbidden lands, which interacting with horrific creatures and deities.

You’ll need to complete quests to grow the tribe’s settlements (known as ‘gords’) and collect materials like woods, reeds and clay to fortify these to protect from invaders. In addition to construction and village development, managing the population is also a key aspect of the game. Your subjects are only human, and as such their minds and bodies can be broken.personal stories, familial ties and mental well-being can have devastating impact on the survival of their communities.

Developed by an elite team led by the producer of "The Witcher 3"—

Covenant.dev is a 24-person creative development house including alumni from prominent Polish developers CD Projekt RED (The Witcher 3), 11 bit studios (Frostpunk), and Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior 2). Headed by Chief Executive Officer, Stan Just, former producer on The Witcher 3, Gord is the studio’s debut title and aims to deliver players a mature and unforgiving strategy experience.


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Product Information


Developer: Covenant.dev

Distributor: Game Source Entertainment

Genre: Dark Fantasy Strategy 

Platform: PlayStation®️5

Release Date:5 October 2023

Suggested Retail Price: HKD $298

Rating: CERO Z

Subtitle:English / French / German / Spanish / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Japanese / Polish /

Russian / Brazilian-Portuguese

© Gord published under licence by Team17 Digital Limited. Team17 is a trademark or registered trademark of Team17 Digital Limited. GORD is a registered trademark of Covenant.dev S.A. All other trademarks, copyrights and logos are property of their respective owners. Published by Fireshine Games. "Fireshine Games" is a trademark of Sold Out Sales & Marketing Limited. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and Asia.

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