Dark Fantasy Strategy game "Gord" Trailer has been released! Exploring Slavic Mythology, Unravelling Stories of "Tribe of the Dawn"

[Hong Kong, 14 August 2023] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is excited to announce the upcoming dark fantasy strategy game Gord, developed by Polish creative game developer team Covenant.dev which led by the producer of "The Witcher 3", will be launched on PlayStation®️5 in 5 October 2023, and published by Game Source Entertainment. Today, the Chinese version of game trailer "The Prayer" will be released, offering a deeper insight into this extraordinary strategy game and its world.

Click to watch the "Gord" Chinese Trailer-The Prayer :


Search for the torn pages of "The Chronicle" and unravel the story of "Tribe of Dawn"

In Gord, players will explore the lands of Lysatia and take control of a small community known as the "Tribe of Dawn". As the story progresses, you will slowly uncover the mysterious story hidden within this community.

Gord’s story will be full of rich lore inspired by dark fantasy adventures and Slavic mythology, with a history spanning over 3000 years. Players can uncover the secrets of the Tribe of Dawn by embarking on quests and discovering torn pages from a mysterious tome known as ‘The Chronicle’.

Taking inspiration from strategy games and revolving around history of Slavic mythology

Gord takes inspiration from many games across the adventure and strategy genres, and develops systems and gameplay elements based on them, but with their own unique twist!

The lore of Gord is built upon Slavic mythology and culture, and the game’s atmosphere and tone will bear some similarity to that of The Witcher series. Mechanically, the team has taken inspiration from many of its favourite games such as Northgard, Darkest Dungeon, and RimWorld.


Not your typical strategy game, testing your multitasking abilities!
Alongside strategy, Gord will include elements from the city building, survival, and adventure game genres. The game will place particular emphasis on the psychological aspects of managing a small populace and in-game choices will be driven by the player’s own morality, with the threat of the ever-encroaching Horrors lurking in the surrounding woods…


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Developer: Covenant.dev

Distributor: Game Source Entertainment

Genre: Dark Fantasy Strategy 

Platform: PlayStation®️5

Release Date:5 October 2023

Suggested Retail Price: HKD $298

Rating: CERO D

Subtitle:English / French / German / Spanish / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Japanese / Polish /

Russian / Brazilian-Portuguese

© Gord published under licence by Team17 Digital Limited. Team17 is a trademark or registered trademark of Team17 Digital Limited. GORD is a registered trademark of Covenant.dev S.A. All other trademarks, copyrights and logos are property of their respective owners. Published by Fireshine Games. "Fireshine Games" is a trademark of Sold Out Sales & Marketing Limited. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and Asia.

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