Life-sim RPG ‘My Time at Sandrock' for Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation® 5 reveal additional bonus content! Sandrock Online will arrive in 2024!

[Hong Kong, 6 December 2023] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is excited to announce "My Time at Sandrock", the latest official sequel to the life-sim RPG game "My Time at Portia", which has sold over 3.1 million copies worldwide and developed by Pathea Games,, is now officially available on Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®5 platforms, both in digital and physical editions. Welcome, new workshop owners, to Sandrock! Wishing you a prosperous business and grand opening! In addition to unveiling the latest release trailer and the DLC pack today, we will also provide a detailed introduction on how to engage in social activities and romantic relationships within the game. Amidst hard work and adventures, don't forget to chat with the residents of Sandrock!

《My Time at Sandrock》Asia Physical edition Release Trailer:


Exclusive DLC Costume Pack for Pre-Orders Now Available!

The previously introduced pre-order exclusive "Builder's Beach and Ball Clothing Pack" DLC can now be redeemed starting today!
Don't forget to enjoy the vibrant life in the town while you're busy at work! The DLC pack includes swimsuits and ball attire for your Builder; each set comes in four different colours that you can mix and match. A set includes a top, a bottom, headware, shoes, and three accessories.



Make new friends – and even find that special someone!

Game Features
Make new friends, find that special someone!
In the town, there are several interactive resident NPCs, each with their own specific questline. You can increase their favour towards you by engaging in conversations, giving gifts, participating in games or completing orders. Each character has different preferences for gifts, categorised into 4 levels. You need to be particularly careful to ensure you don't offend them, as steadily increasing their favour will bring various practical conveniences.

Find your true love in Sandrock Town and embark on a romantic journey!
Develop deeper connections with the local residents through special gifts, unforgettable moments or participating in town events. As your relationship grows stronger, unlock "heart" dialogue options to express your feelings in a more enriching way and pursue your love passionately.

Starting a romantic relationship is not easy; you need to have a keen sense of emotions and carefully plan surprises to increase favour. Mastering the art of gift-giving, fully engaging in dates and enhancing your social skills can also boost your relationship.

In the game, you can use "Heart Knots" to confess your feelings. However, be cautious not to be fickle in love. If you get involved in multiple romantic relationships, it may lead to jealousy and awkward situations! In case you encounter setbacks in the journey of love, there's no need to panic. A sincere apology teddy bear or a peaceful breakup method can be a healing way for wounded hearts. Achieving a 5-star workshop and receiving an engagement ring from a mysterious man will unlock the way to marriage.

Just like "My Time at Portia", in "My Time at Sandrock'', you can adopt or have one, or even two adorable kids! And these little ones actually grow up! Whether they are biological or adopted, you will witness their gradual growth from infancy. As parents, you may need to complete some quests to take care of them. Additionally, if you have a deep connection with a specific character in town, there's even a chance to adopt unexpected new characters!

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Product Information


Title:《My Time at Sandrock》
Developer: Pathea Games
Distributor: Game Source Entertainment
Genre: Adventure RPG
Platform: Nintendo Switch™/PlayStation®5 
Release Date:
【Digital】2 November 2023
【Physical】6 December 2023
Suggested Retail Price:
【Physical/Digital】  HKD $238
Rating: 12+
Subtitle:English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Japanese / Korean / French / German / Italian / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish
Audio: English / Chinese

©2023 My Time at Sandrock, a game developed by Pathea Games. Published by PM Studios,Inc. Licensed to and published by Game Source Entertainment in Asia.

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